Weekly Summary

  • Looked for shutdown time related bugs:tagged as "precise-shutdown" (didrocks). Basically:
  • Created project lp:ppa-dev-tools for LP utilities to create/manipulate PPAs [bryce]
  • Create scripts to check system and user configuration migration in LTS->LTS updates, now integrated into Jenkins. (pitti)

  • Land libgnome-keyring and libxklavier introspection. (pitti)
  • Land fix for unnecessary notify-osd wakeups, through a libwnck API addition. (pitti)
  • Lots of pm-utils bug fixes and further power consumption tweaks. (pitti)
  • GNOME updates (including new glib and gtk and some GNOME unstable series update for applications) (seb128)
  • Desktop bugs fixing & backporting fixes from git (seb128)

  • Worked on the webkit serie, available in the ubuntu-desktop ppa for testing (seb128)
  • New lightdm and unity-greeter (robert_ancell, mterry, agateau)
  • Started working on gnome-control-center UI changes (agateau)
  • Started packaging lightdm-gtk-greeter (agateau)
  • Improved dbusmenu and dbusmenu-qt interoperability on icons (agateau)
  • Worked on Qt accessibility SRU https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/at-spi2-core/+bug/877358 , latest debdiff should finally close it (agateau)

  • Finished some nautilus crash fixes and changed the behavior to always open a new window for bookmarks (didrocks)
  • Tested unity-greeter to make sure the screen reader enablement functionality works, which it does, but needs some tweaking, will submit a branch. (TheMuso)

  • Tested unity-2d with QT 4.8, and found that the dash works much better, particularly with relation to the text entry field. had some dash crash problems however, so couldn't test how well lenses with extra content like gwibber worked. Quicklists were also no longer accessible, filed bugs accordingly. (TheMuso)

  • Further work on the magnification profile using Compiz and Unity 2D. The logged insession is working ok, but still having problems with compiz in Ubiquity. (TheMuso)

  • Tested java-atk-wrapper to make sure it works as a drop-in replacement for java-access-bridge, and sent Doko a patch to openjdk-6 to make the switch. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update

  • DX Systems
    • libindicator ABI bump coming today, which will mean a rebuild of all the indicators
    • indicator-appmenu with the hud service will likely land in precise today, but nothing utilizing it yet.


  • Still work continuing upstream in nux/unity. Being the watchdog on the rate of testing going into trunk.
  • From the previous tests result, reported all issues in the design tracker: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/design/upstream.html "distro priorities". This list need to go down to 0 by release Smile :)

  • Some paperwork, like writing down the new unity release process: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/ReleaseProcess

  • Help upstream to release the hud (packaging, testing, fixes in French or non ascii characters). The hud announcement is there: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/939

  • Helped upstream with the compiz release for 2 days. Still encountering some FTBFS and segfault at startup… We hoped to be able to push into a ppa yesterday, will probably be tomorrow.

Software Center



  • Xserver 1.11/1.12 transition has hit Precise. We're now on the upstream XI 2.2 multitouch protocol.
    • There doesn't seem to have been much fallout, since we staged this all in a PPA first. All the proprietary drivers (with the exception of nvidia-96, for GeForce 2-era and earlier cards) should still work.

    • Please be on the lookout for regressions in X - particularly input, as that's changed the most.

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