Weekly Summary

  • Notable bugs this week:
    • Several serious xorg bugs (will be outlined in 2012-02-28 meeting summary)
    • g-s-d 3.3.5 crashes when wacom tablet is attached. Workaround is to downgrade to 3.2.2 or leave tablet unplugged. (LP: #934445)
    • unity-greeter crashes when used with multi-head on -nvidia. Workaround is to downgrade unity-greeter. (LP: #934040)
      • Should be fixed now (mterry)
  • TaskWarrior updated to version 2.0-beta4 (bryce)

  • Write and land script to debug/report power usage drains (pitti)

  • Review and land Evan's Apport GUI rewrite and whoopsie-daisy support. (pitti)
  • https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/1:3.5.0-1ubuntu1 brace for impact (bjoern-michaelsen)

  • New version of Unity Greeter with keyboard indicator, startup sound, and multi-monitor support landed
  • Pushed some pulseaudio bugfixes into rpecise, thanks David Henningssen. (TheMuso)

  • Started debugging an issue some users are having where audio is muted on a fresh install. Seems I have affected hardware too, which I think I've found the cause to, but now need to test the VMWare case where this is also occurring and debug that. (TheMuso)

  • Pushed the rest of ALSA 1.0.25 into Precise just before feature freeze since i didn't hear anything back too critical about testing, there is one slight issue with alsaucm that needs resolving for the ARM guys, probably need to see about getting an ARM enabled PPA for audio testing in the future so they have to do less legwork to test. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


  • Unity 5.4 landed last Friday (https://launchpad.net/unity/5.0/5.4.0), fixing as usual a bunch of bugs in the misc components (libunity, dee, bamf, unity-lens-applications, unity-lens-files, unity-lens-music, unity) and delivering the HUD. Now traditional call for testing was handled (lower participation than before, probably because the community blog post don't go to planet.ubuntu.com). Had some least minute issue with application tracking which made us defer the release to Friday.

  • Unity-2d had a quiet release (bamf-qt, unity-2d) https://launchpad.net/unity-2d/+milestone/5.4.

  • Some compiz patch from trunk were backported. Unfortunatly, 2 of them was then reverting as causing regression on some hardware. Fix for the new gtk behavior on "control" as landed. Will update from now the keybindings to latest design spec. There is also compiz for integrated menu that should land shortly.
  • Update to latest zeitgeist stack is finished. Activity-log-manager is now installed by default as well.
  • New release will be 5.6 just after beta release, with for unity-3d: integrated menu, ibus support (and maybe coverflow?). Unity-2d will see the hud support, multimonitor and integrated menu.
  • Design, distro and dx met to discuss and agree on a top priority bugs ordered for unity and compiz bugs. We have a clear plan now of what should at any cost be fixed before the precise release and a clear path to get there.

Software Center



  • desktop-p-multi-monitor - wrapped up work. Most of the remaining issues are lower priority Unity or Gnome issues. There are a couple X issues which we'll follow up on. Unity still has some glitchy behaviors but multi-head works a lot better in precise than it did in oneiric. (bryce)
  • Fixed and SRU'd several X bugs. X server crash when rotating pixmaps. Mesa crash with egl. (bryce)
  • Reviewing/interviewing candidates for X LTS position (bryce)
  • The new nvidia-current 295.20 is available in the xorg-edgers PPA for precise, and x-updates PPA for earlier Ubuntu versions.
  • The libc update from a couple weeks ago broke -nvidia; a proper fix in -nvidia will be coming with the next 295 driver
  • Tracked down a nvidia bug that was causing Unity to hang for ~30sec on modechange or VT switch to a nvidia-current regression. nvidia were already aware of this, and it's fixed in 295.20, which is in the archive.

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