Weekly Summary

  • Package udisks2 for Quantal and Debian experimental. (pitti)
  • Port Apport to Python 3, with the exception of the Launchpad backend; blocked on python3-launchpadlib becoming available. (pitti)

  • Start porting apturl to Python 3; now blocked on python3-aptdaemon to become available. (pitti)

  • Start working on a Jockey replacement, in ubutu-drivers-common (formerly known as nvidia-common) (pitti)

  • working on LibreOffice 3.5.4~rc2/precise for ppa (bjoern-michaelsen)

    • will be the 3.5.4-0ubuntu1 precise SRU
  • working on LibreOffice 3.4.4-0ubuntu2/oneiric for SRU - CVE-2012-1149 (bjoern-michaelsen)

  • working on LibreOffice 3.6.0~alpha/quantal for preparation/continuous integration (bjoern-michaelsen)

  • cups-filters: Made available SRU for testing. There are many PostScript printers which have problems on Precise. The SRU switches back to Poppler for converting PDF to PostScript and limits image rendering resolution to 360 dpi. In addition, we use cups-filters 1.0.18 where PDF-to-PostScript renderer and resolution limit is runtime-configurable. The SRU also fixes a crasher in the pdftops filter (tkamppeter)

  • Gwibber: Removed unmaintained gwibber service plugins: digg, friendfeed, qaiku, and pingfm and removed dependency on mx.DateTime (ken-vandine)

  • Working on a RDNSS support fix for SRU in NetworkManager (cyphermox)

  • Totem 3.4 is packaged; it just needs a MIR for mx (jbicha)
  • Evolution 3.4 is also packaged (jbicha)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

  • jbicha needs some help in figuring out how to build an iso from a seed for the gnomebuntu project

Partner update


  • Bamf SRU in preparation. Helping the PS team to handover the packaging tasks, lot of tutoring
  • Same for an Unity SRU.
  • Compiz will soon be all folded into one single source. Preparing the invasive packaging changes:
    • some packages will be in universe, other in main
    • a lot of transition (perfect timing then to kill -main and -extra and fold that into 2 packages: compiz-plugins-defaut and compiz-plugins for the rest)
    • removing some crufts
    • we have one issue: cython is a build-dep for compizconfig-python (which will be in universe) and this build-dep is in universe too. Figuring out with upstream if we can use something else we support or if we need to promote the build-dep.


  • Patch responding to the review of the XFIXES protocol additions we added for Unity multi-monitor support sent upstream
  • Preliminary pass at XWayland support for nouveau

IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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