Weekly Summary

  • Implement the backend/detection part of desktop-q-third-party-driver-installation, and land it in Quantal (ubuntu-drivers-common). (pitti)

  • Start porting apturl to Python 3; blocked on Python 3 enabled aptdaemon now. (pitti)
  • Printing-related SRUs for printing: cups-drivers in -proposed for a week now, fixes problems of all bug reporters, cups SRU advancing CUPS to 1.5.3 bug fix release and blacklisting usblp kernel module, users report USB problems fixed but still have IPP problems, printer-driver-ptouch SRU prepared (tkamppeter).
  • Visited LinuxTag 2012 one day and met Kai-Uwe Behrmann from OpenICC: Talked about state of the art of color management (tkamppeter).

  • Continued helping upstream move Orca and dependencies to python 3, tested patch for speech-dispatcher python bindings to work with python 3, testing looks promising.
  • Started looking over Unity 3D a11y code to get familiar with it again, and looked at HUD code to see what needs doing to interract with it for accessibility, but can't really work on anything atm, unity trunk FTBFS on quantal. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


  • A new Unity and Bamf SRU has been released in coordination with the Product Strategy team. Do not hesitate to test it in -proposed.
  • The compiz packaging updates for "all compiz is one source to rule them all" reaches its end: all distro-patches and upstream trunks are now building, check that we didn't loose anything has been done. Needed to do the tedious debian/copyright tedious update.


  • LTS point release update
    • Added scripts for renaming X packages to xorg-pkg-tools (bryce)
    • A complete testing repository for the renamed stack is now set up (mlankhorst)
  • Working on the fallout from the changed nouveau abi in collaboration with debian (mlankhorst)
  • Some work on writing automated tests to improve understanding of vdpau for nouveau (mlankhorst)
  • Filed / processed various X.org SRUs for precise (bryce)
  • xdiagnose 2.6 release (bryce)
  • xwayland patches to support nouveau DDX upstreamed, nouveau DDX patch reviewed, needs fixing
  • system-compositor weston plugin nearly ready for integration testing with a fake DM

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