Weekly Summary

  • Worked on the "privacy" lens option support across and the different lenses. Impacting libunity, unity-lens-shopping, unity-lens-music, unity-lens-photos, unity-lens-videos, gwibber, askubuntu lens, wikipedia lens and radios lens. gnome-activity-journal (privacy panel in gnome control center) patched and uploaded. The UI will only show when unity 6.8 is installed on the system. FFe and UIFe accepted and communication + screenshot sent to both translation and documentation team 1054746 (didrocks)

  • New upstream bug fix release of deja-dup and unity-greeter (mterry)
  • Landed new webkit, with a make-dfsg upload to support it. Currently in queue. (Laney)
  • Landed change to qt4-x11 to make it build and stop killing arm builders (Laney)
  • Applied upstream fixes for several CUPS crash bugs (tkamppeter).
  • It's now possible to play DRM protected Flash content (ie, Amazon Video) without us having to support HAL (see Adobe bug 3103209 for background info) (chrisccoulson)

  • Got to the bottom of the 2 most serious regressions introduced by the landing of webapps (chrisccoulson)
  • Updates to GNOME a11y stack for 3.6. (TheMuso)

  • Work on bug #1056300, looks like a possible GTK issue. (TheMuso)

  • Add improved support to Jockey for experimental nvidia drivers. Shepherded them through various review processes. (bryce)
  • Update xdiagnose 3.2 for bug fixes (bryce)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update


  • utouch renaming underlying discussion still going on for precise and oneiric
  • Compiz released done (with ABI bump). Now in quantal. Mostly bug fixes.
  • Unity 6.8 release preparation stack in progress. This one contains the above privacy features and lot of fixes. It also contains some low graphics mode which will hopefully helps when running under llvmpipe. Release planned before Desktop Infrastructure Freeze.


  • updating q-lts-backport ppa to include armel and armhf, tested it on my panda (mlankhorst)
  • organising a meeting on UDS about merging my optimus support work, and related future work (mlankhorst)
  • squashing bugs, testing quantal stack more (mlankhorst)
  • nvidia experimental driver work, hack on jockey and nvidia-common (bryce)
  • triage and fix quantal bugs. Our graph is actually going *down* this cycle! http://www.bryceharrington.org/Arsenal/ubuntu-x-swat/Reports/totals-quantal-workqueue.svg (bryce)

    • nouveau is a problem area due to upstream rewrite being still in progress.
    • X server crashes another big problem area. Partly I think this is due to better crash capturing this cycle rather than an actual decrease in stability.
    • intel gpu lockups a continuing problem. At least we're seeing fewer reports than last cycle.

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