Weekly Summary


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Product strategy integration

  • Continuing improving and adding more and more projects to the daily bootstrap. At least, all stacks have now at least one projects (25 projects enabled right now)


  • Helping on getting a first release done. Got a first stack building successfully, wired in the daily-build ppa. But a big time-consuming blocker, due to cmake happened (a lot of irregular behaviors of compiz, took some time to debug it).
  • Still listing other regressions since last release
  • Hoping to get a first release soon, very soon

Indicators & Themes

  • Finishing up libappindicator, dbusmenu, ido, indicator-session which had tests failing for various reasons.


  • SRUs still in unapproved queue, we need to get someone to review these:
    • gnome-control-center-signon since 11/13
    • unity-chromium-extension since since 11/15
  • Reviewing packages for thoroughness of tests before enabling autolanding to ubuntu. We will do manual uploads using the inline packaging from trunk periodically until we feel the testing is sufficent for autolanding.

Open input framework


  • Not playing steam all week (mlankhorst)
  • Upstreamed some ttm patches, rest of review is likely delayed for 3 weeks, but no reason to think they will be rejected (mlankhorst)
  • Parts of q backports x stack are entering precise-proposed (mlankhorst)

IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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