Weekly Summary

  • LibreOffice:

  • Fixed a bug in check-new-release-gtk that would stop users from upgrading their release (mterry)
  • Inline some online-accounts packages [robru]
  • Write up some plugin-authoring documentation for lp:friends [robru]
  • Add some DBus method calls to python-dbusmock making it easier to use in non-python tests. [robru]
  • Fixed out of tree builds in libaccounts-qt and libsignon-qt (kenvandine)
  • Prepared dual build (qt4/qt5) packaging branches for libaccounts-qt and signon (kenvandine)
  • Tracking down and trying to fix a bug related to PulseAudio 3.0 testing, the PandaBoard hardware, and ALSA UCM. (TheMuso)

  • COntinued debugging of an unusual accessibility bug where some GTK apps are not accessible. Determined that its not the lower accessibility stack, at-spi/atk, yet to find the culpret however. (TheMuso)


  • new LO backport policy -- critic and improvements most welcome [bjoern-michaelsen]

Product strategy integration

  • Daily release of the unity stack enabled and running. Enabled some more projects on various other stacks. We're at 47 components which can lands daily right now Smile :)

  • Tests of the daily release process under dev.


  • We switched to one workspace by default, adding g-c-c support for it and the "show desktop" item.

Indicators & Themes


Open input framework


* Helping out with 12.04.2 release by fixing bugs related to the quantal backport stack. (mlankhorst)

IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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