Weekly Summary

  • The Linux Foundation (and so OpenPrinting) is accepted for the Google Summer of Code 2013. So students will help us to get printing working better (tkamppeter).

  • More work on signon-ui and which WebKit to use for touch images (kenvandine)

  • Prepared share-app for daily-build-next (kenvandine)
  • Landed friends-app and renamed gwibber source to friends-app (kenvandine)
  • Polish work for friends-app (kenvandine)
  • Start to write an overall plan of attack for accessibility in the converged desktop (TheMuso)

  • Investigate why the ChromeVox extension doesn't completely work with chromium. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Product strategy integration

  • Continue preparation of utouch stack into s (stack definition, process, corner cases, components identification)


  • We got some fixes and releases done, had to revert some parts for passing.

Indicators & Themes


  • Working through some signon-ui issues for touch images
    • More details

    • Short term goal is to come up with a way for users to get accounts
      • created using the touch images, but eventually we need to solve the

        cookie issues with WebKit2 or decide to add QtQuick 2.0 bindings for WebKit1

Open input framework


IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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