Blueprint: desktop-o-default-email-client

Meetings are held weekly in the #thunderbird-unity channel on

Action Items

  • chrisccoulson to check on general Messaging Menu bug with workspace focus
  • jasoncwarner/allison to review results of usability testing
  • chrisccoulson, seb128, and allison to talk about creating Ubuntu One address book on fresh install


  • Updates on CD space (pitti/seb128)
  • Updates on UX customizations (andreasn)
  • Updates on contact integration (mconley)
  • Updates on launcher & messaging menu integration (chrisccoulson)

  • Updates on Lightning (chrisccoulson)
  • Updates on extension upgrade strategy (chrisccoulson)



  • CD space: currently ~15MB over, with TB on the CD. Moving Chinese language support (~25MB) into its own ISO is the current plan for getting back down to size. No more additions expected for Oneiric.
  • andreasn: continuing to work through theming changes, ticking off the buglist. Theming changes will be ready to put in the distro in the next week or two, plans to demo on August 4th.
  • chriscoulson: Oneiric will ship with latest stable release of TB at time of Ubuntu release, by the TB release schedule, this should be 7.0. Writing patches for Messaging Menu to make it less annoying for high-volume email (bugspam, etc). Will check on general Messaging Menu bug (affecting all apps) where opening a new window for an open app doesn't switch workspace focus.

  • m_conley: Unity Launcher displays count of new, unread messages. EDS read capability will be in Oneiric packages soon, for wider feedback. EDS write capability, can write photos and edit mailing lists, respecting "supported fields". Having some trouble testing sync because of service disruptions on Ubuntu One (repete confirms they're doing some development work on the service), but local address books responding well.
  • Fallen (Lightning developer): has provided skeleton for EDS calendar provider.
  • Charline: has released the results of the usability testing and will blog about it next week. Jason/wendar will review for any blockers.


  • CD space: TB on the desktop CD, oversized for now.
  • andreasn: have some initial patches for theming changes listed in TB bug reports.
  • m_conley: merging in Messaging Menu changes from chrisccoulson. Landed EDS contacts read-only changes in TB 7.x "Early Bird", chrisccoulson will backport to 6.x.
  • jasoncwarner: reviewed progress for Alpha2 checkpoint, thumbs up.


  • Between removing Python 2.6 and splitting Chinese language support into its own CD, we've found space for Thunderbird. Will add it to the CD for Alpha2. Continued work will be done on shrinking Thunderbird where possible.
  • andreasn has filled out bug list for theming, for John to review:

  • m_conley has created a screencast demonstrating EDS read capability:

  • chrisccoulson getting messaging menu patches into oneiric today. Will be developing an EDS provider for Lightning
  • Allison and Jason tested m_conley's EDS integration. Thumbs up.
  • Jason will review Alpha2 progress tomorrow (looking good so far).


  • CD space: Currently 15MB over, to be reclaimed with skipping .pyc files on the CD, and dynamic linking for LLVM. Ubuntu devs reviewing CD space in F2F meeting next week. Mozilla looking into a contractor to whittle down the install size.
  • andreasn has started a meta bug for the theming changes:
  • m_conley has mailing lists, auto-complete and photos working, rounding out read-only contacts integration. Write is next.
  • chrisccoulson has messaging menu nearly up to spec. Has run into bugs in indicator stack (affecting all apps).
  • Usability testing started yesterday, should have details to report soon.
  • chrisccoulson having a separate meeting on Lightning later this week.


  • CD space continues to be a concern
  • Don't know the cause of the 12MB->20MB increase in TB packaging size

  • Andreas blogged about new look

  • All EDS fields but photos appearing in TB now, will land in July 5th TB release
  • Have initial plan for lightning integration, not sure on timeline yet
  • Messaging menu integration currently stalled on

  • Usability testing coming up. Interesting features: attachments and addons handled differently since last test, contrast setting up account on Evo * TB


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