Overview about the plans for desktop effects for intrepid.

Release Note


It is mandatory.


The next major change in the compiz project is the merge of the object-framework branch. This is going to be too much change for intrepid so we will not target it. Instead, we will focus on the 0.8 stable branch (without o-f) that is expected to be created in the next 6 month.


Ubuntu is used by a lot of the compiz-fusion enthusiasts and both sides benefit from regular git snpashots in the intrepid archive. We should continue the packaging of regular git snapshots in intrepid.

New plugins

The latest git version brings a new static swicher plugin that has a better UI than the current tabswitcher. We should enable it by default (and disable the current tab switcher).

The login/logout plugin should be investigated to make smoother transition on login and logout. One challenge here is that we do not show a splah screen on login. We may need to set some invisble property so that the plugin can pick up the information when login/logout starts/finishes.

If nautilus gets support for a transparent background window we should can the wallpaper plugin.

Because it is unlikely that we will have dri2 in intrepid we should try to add the glxclip plugin and enable it. It requires that a patch for the xserver is written that gives the plugin in information what window is a DRI window so that compiz can workaround the problem that DRI windows can not be redirected.

Login speed

Some notes from the discussion with compiz upstream on how to improve the login speed:

  • because a lot is started in parallel on login disk trashing happens. compiz would benefit from sequential startup
  • the XML file parsing from "core" seems to be slow, but we need proper profiling data to know what exactly the problem is
  • refetching all xml and plugin data may help (bootchart with prefetch required to verify)
  • compiz-manager is a shell script, it might make sense to move more of this functionality into compiz directly - check what opensuse is doing, they did some optimizations here


We should aim for simple-ccsm again in intrepid and check what needs to be done for profiles support in gnome-control-center.


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