The GNOME Games package is a set of games designed for GNOME and developed and released in a collection. This is currently packaged as one Ubuntu package. The proposal is to generate a separate package for each game.


  • The games are only linked by development team not functionality. This is confusing for users who may only want a subset of games installed (currently they can only disable menu entries which is not obvious to them).
  • Future GNOME Games development is using new features such as clutter and seed. We may not be able to distribute all the games on the CD due to these requirements. As we will have to split the package anyway into low-dependency and high-dependency games it makes sense to split all the games. (Note that gnometris is currently not available due to its dependencies).
  • By splitting the package we can reduce the number of games on the CD by default. This makes the menus easier to navigate and saves CD space.
  • By being able to pick and choose individual games we can chose games for the CD not developed by the GNOME games team. In this way we can pick a small set of the best available games for the CD.


  • This creates a number of new packages which will increase the package index


Without a tool an average user will not be able to change the login settings from the default.

Use cases

  • Jane wants to remove mines from her menu because she never plays it and it takes up space in the menu but she can't work out why it removes all the games when she uses the package manager
  • Seb wants more space on the CD for new and exciting stuff


The changes will involve

  • Modifying the GNOME Games source package to produce binary packages for each game
  • Changing the default games on the CD


  • Split the package


  • Split the package



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