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== News ==

 * Check out ''["DesktopTeam/ReportingPage"]''.


Purpose & Vision

Since these are the important goals for Ubuntu:

  • user-friendliness
  • out-of-the-box workabilty
  • bling factor
  • and many more surprising things

we figured that it would be the best thing to invite developers and enthusiasts to help us shape and fix up our favourite Desktop environment, especially short before the release. We, the DesktopTeam will be the guys that are the first contact for new users, we will create, beautify and organise the most-visible parts of Ubuntu. Please don't hesitate to join us, every bit of help is appreciated.

If you always had a strong liking for GNOME, for how desktop things are done or you are in touch with the GNOME world, we desperately need you. Please don't hesitate to join us, every bit of help is appreciated.

We will be a regular Ubuntu team with meetings, with a mailing list, with bugs (oh yes, ...), an opinion how to do things and thrilling ideas how to let the Ubuntu Desktop evolve.


Our list of goals include:

  • we will triage and fix bugs on

  • we will list new shiny desktop stuff we should have
  • stress-test our favourite desktop environment
  • discuss and fix issues and bring some good hackers in, knowing how different parts of the desktop work and able to reply to some specific questions
  • create a technical place/list with people having good knowledge about specific desktop parts


Get Started

Does this sound cool to you? ["DesktopTeam/GettingStarted"] is just for you.

Our Organisation

Bug Squashing

  • [:GNOMEExperts] will contain links to uptstream mailing lists, irc channels if you have specific questions to specific Desktop modules
    • maybe we should agree on adding a tag so we know, where we are responsible
  • Misc



Weekly TODO

[ edit weekly TODO] Include(DesktopTeam/WeeklyTODO) [ edit weekly TODO]

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i kinda have an idea well its um ubuntu needs to have more window desktop and menu color changing so its not just orange im pretty new to this myself but it might help

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