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 * Attend our weekly meeting: [[DesktopTeam/DevelopmentMeeting]]  * Attend our weekly meeting: [[DesktopTeam/Meeting]]
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The Ubuntu Desktop Team Mission Statement is to produce a desktop environment that is:

  • stable,
  • usable,
  • accessible,
  • attractive,
  • consistent,
  • discoverable, and
  • immediately useful.

To comply with our Mission Statement, the Desktop Team tasks are mainly to maintain and develop our Desktop Packages.


The first and most important task of the Desktop Team is maintaining our Desktop Packages.

We do this by:

  • keeping up to date with the latest releases
  • triaging and fixing bugs on Launchpad

  • finding shiny new components we should have
  • stress-testing our favourite desktop environment
  • discussing and fixing issues
  • bringing some good hackers into the team who know how the different parts of the desktop work and integrate and are able to answer to desktop specific questions
  • creating a technical pool of experts about specific desktop elements


The second task is developing the desktop to improve the user experience, both by improving the usability of our existing desktop and developing innovating new interface concepts.

We do this by:

  • identifying key user experiences that define the desktop

  • designing user cases for these experiences
  • write new project specifications to improve them




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