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  • Fabio Massimo Di Nitto (fabbione) - on leave
  • Ben Collins (BenC) - travelling
  • Tim Gardner (rtg) - travelling


  1. Roll call
    • Apologies
    • Introduce new starters (if any)
  2. Review agenda
    • Review activity reports
    • Propose additional items
    • Accept agenda
  3. (Riddell) Are the changes needed for abbatoir's oem installer going to get in? If not should we try for a basic qt 4 port?
  4. (iwj) Is anyone doing regular rebuild testing ? autopkgtest could do this quite easily - atm I've explicitly disabled that by telling it to test the binaries from the archive rather than doing a build. Should I turn this on ? If I do it's not likely to go through the alphabet very fast but it will give us a chance to argue about what to do with the notifications.
  5. (heno) We should do a round of ISO testing before beta freeze to flush out some bugs early. (see Testing/Matrix)

  6. Actions from previous meeting
    • cjwatson/bdmurray to add instructions on interfacing with bugsquad/qa to UbuntuDevelopment

    • cjwatson/bdmurray to find somebody to fix 63175
    • tfheen to get rebuild test results and publish them somewhere.
  7. Release readiness update
  8. Other business

Activity Reports

Alexander Sack (asac)

  • thunderbird security updates released
  • latest thunderbird released to feisty with official branding
  • thunderbird-locales updated.
  • fix for firefox dapper security update
  • firefox patchwork, approval and more:
    • initial submission to mconnor (Mozilla Corp) for an initial screening
    • in progress: patch documentation improvements based on new input from mike hommey (Debian)
    • in progress: untangling still mixed up patches based on Mike's comments
    • in progress: updating thai patch to latest version submitted by original author
  • on master crash for mozilla plugins:
    • implemented work-around for totem to not trigger broken case in mozilla code - LP#90333 - as clean mozilla solution would need a more intrusive patch of gecko plugin code
  • attended firefox 3 status meeting conference; brief summary will ship in separate mail to distro-team list

Ben Collins (BenC)


Brian Murray (bdmurray)

Bug triaging:

  • Assigned packages to multiple bugs that had none i.e. were just filed against Ubuntu
  • Reading through bug mailing list and triaging bugs
  • Hardware certification bug triage
  • SRU verification of 2 bugs
  • Held 1st hug day - 2 people joined Ubuntu QA
  • Forwarded kde bug upstream and working with them

Bug helper:

  • Testing using changelogs in package info files


  • Review and changes of bugsquad wiki pages

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)


  • motu-uvf
  • CodeReview discussions

  • prepared list of inactive MOTUs
  • MC discussions
  • MOTU mentoring
  • package reviews
  • MOTU meeting
  • motu documentation and mailings (inactive members, motu-sru, rebuilds)


  • Bug Triage (working on incoming bugs now, myriads of incoming crashers, OOPSing now)

  • gnome-system-tools fix, gossip update, gtkmm update, gnome-mag update, nautilus-open-terminal update, libxml++ update, glom update


  • Discussions, Patch reviews
  • 0.1 release!


  • Artwork hand holding
  • Status update meeting
  • Telepathy Bug Triage
  • bwm-ng update, ubuntu-docs update, pilot-link merge, libbtctl fix
  • openoffice icon comparison with doko

Fabio Di Nitto (fabbione)

On Leave.

Henrik Omma (heno)

  • Restructured Debugging* wiki pages
    • Please update the debugging pages for packages you care about. Basically it's:
      • a few words about bugs in this category
      • suitable debugging procedure
      • known issues past and present
  • Attended Launchpad user meeting and weekly devel meeting
    • beta slowness - will follow up further at the LP meeting tomorrow
    • translation import was a major topic at the user meeting. Community translators are rather unhappy about late and broken imports
  • Further polish of WinFOSS
    • Uploaded Edubuntu version last week
    • Added a windows->ubuntu migration guide

  • ISO testing
    • Started planning testing procedures for pre-beta and beta
    • We plan to do a round of informal testing of pre-beta-freeze images this Friday-Monday in an effort to catch some issues before the beta crunch
    • Emilio Monfort (pochu) is helping me write some tracking code and will help coordinate community testing.

Ian Jackson (iwj)


  • automated-testing:
    • I've got this to a state where I'm running it overnight for the first time tonight. It's scouring the archive for packages with tests, and will email me the results. I'm not expecting many results yet since very few packages have tests. There have been quite a few bugs turning up, and I will upload autopkgtest 0.7.2 tomorrow. Also, Debian's version needs updating - it's very stale.
  • I managed to catch up on my email.
  • Unfortunately the mdadm race is still outstanding.


  • I will be on leave this Friday (tomorrow for most of you).

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • bugfix for HP printers (request from Montreal)
  • Herd 5 testing
  • KDE 4 packaging
  • hwdb now asks for an optional e-mail
  • qt 3.3.8 packaging
  • review scribus spinbox broken bug, fixed by qt 3.3.8
  • investigating scribus spinbox bug
  • review and test digikam 1.9.1 packages, upload with UVF exception
  • package new kubuntu usplash from Ken
  • review patches for adept and logout from community
  • apply a konqueror security patch
  • sync seeds and make some changes to make DVD smaller


  • KDE 4 in NEW
  • libkexiv in NEW
  • dist-upgrade packages for edgy-proposed need approved


  • ubiquity partitioner partitioner widget

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)


  • worked a lot on getting a decent session splash which fits with both gdm and the wallpaper.
  • worked on gdm ui parts
  • made the kubuntu usplash (pics and config)
  • made new splash screen and about screen for openoffice
  • looking into getting new icons into OOo
  • worked on using the new kubuntu logo in kdm and ksplash


  • finish gdm, session splash, wallpaper work
  • get new OOo icons in
  • finish kdm, ksplash and wallpaper tweak

Kyle McMartin (kylem)


  • More bugfixing...


  • More hacking, almost ready to submit...


  • dapper/edgy security kernel uploads
  • CVE review for kernels
  • Mondo bug work
  • Reviewing queue for relevant bugfixes
  • Lotso bug fixes
  • Make HostAP not suck-by-default
  • e1000 bug stuff
  • X driver uploads
  • nozomi updates
  • etc... (I need to keep better track...)

Martin Pitt (pitti)


  • debian-maintainer-field: ~ 40 source packages to go; currently waiting for doko to finish his mass rebuilds before continuing
  • increase-hwdb-participation: Still blocked for infinity removing the "rm /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/*" bits from the live system
    • build scripts; I notified him two weeks ago; after that happened, I can actually test behaviour on the live system and (if necessary) fix notifications that we do not want to get (IOW, all but the hwdb-client one)
  • restricted-manager: Package is in feisty, work is going full steam ahead now; still lots of things to fix and add until this is ready for prime time, though.
  • debian-maintainer-field: updated devscripts and dpkg to only fail to build source for Ubuntu maintainers, as per last week's discussion


  • made apport-retrace work for fakechroots in a sensible and usable way now, created retracing environments and convenience scripts on ronne (amd64/i386) and davis (ppc), announced to u-devel

Matthias Klose (doko)

Spec status:

  • feisty-toolchain

    • Package rebuild almost done (50 packages missing)
    • The gcj-4.1 backport has a problem with building OOo; interaction with XML stuff in classpath and external jars (xerces). Upstream stuff, didn't make it for feisty.
  • feistyplusone-toolchain-roadmap

    • Currently (intentionally) blocked on test rebuilds (buildd infrastructure).
    • Source packages for gcc-4.1/gcc-4.2 updated, other packages unmodified as in my toolchain archive.

Other issues:

  • OOo build failure on faure with SMP kernel. Work around in place.


  • bug triage, focused on OOo, python and python related packages
  • feisty+1-toolchain updates
  • OOo 2.2 updates, integrated Tango and Human icons.
  • Package rebuilds, including fixed for build failures.
  • isdn, ecj, some python updates

Activity next week:

  • vacation

Michael Vogt (mvo)


  • EdubuntuOnTwoCDs:
    • fixed some usability problems with the addon-cd installer mode in g-a-i
  • EasyCodecInstall:

    • fixed return codes after gstreamer people change the spec
    • debugged/fixed mp4 support
  • AutomaticUpgradeTesting:

    • prepared a "try to upgrade with most of universe". Unfortunately loads of packages fail to install so that building the edgy chroot is a challenge already.


  • done a bunch of SRU-verifications + cleaned up the list (removed all verification-needed tags when the verification was already done)
  • lots of triage, retrace, fixing
  • herd upgrade testing (+ looking at the output of the automatic upgrade tester)


  • improved the python-apt dependency api, expose the complete pkgRecord and the architecture more easily (with pitti)
  • added gksu --always-ask-password and make gdebi use it when displaying the warning about possible security implications
  • wrote pbuilder-satisfydepends-gdebi to speed up b-d calculation significantly
  • added cache debs feature to autoupgrade-tester
  • wrote displayconfig-gtk over the weekend (gtk port of the displayconfig bit of guidance) - this makes changing the xorg driver and monitor easy.

Oliver Grawert (ogra)


Phillip Lougher (pkl)

  • Bug triaging
  • Fixed some drivers
  • Backported Unionfs 2.0 fixes
  • Kernel meeting

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • Herd CD testing
  • archive admin work
  • desktop work:
    • load of bugs triage
    • fixed some desktop bugs milestone for feisty
    • some updates
  • some xorg updates and bug triage
  • bug triage on compiz

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)


  • Worked on downloadable driver packages: Completed infrastructure for easy driver package selection on the OpenPrinting database

  • Presented outline of a design for a source package which automatically builds Ubuntu packages based on the RPM packages from OpenPrinting to cjwatson and pitti, no answer gotten yet.

  • Re-activated SNMP auto-detection of network printers (cupsys_1.2.8-0ubuntu3), small modifications on gnome-cups-manager to make detected network printers visible (gnome-cups-manager_0.3.1-3ubuntu3). Fixed also bug #80798 with that,
  • Updated gutenprint to version 5.0.1rc1 (gutenprint_5.0.0.99-0ubuntu1) to have the borderless printing on Epson inkjets working (bug #82186)
  • Updated foomatic-db-engine to get rid of duplicate and broken listings of PostScript PPDs (foomatic-db-engine_200070303-0ubuntu1, bug #81787).

  • Answered bug reports

To do:

  • Source package for auto-building driver packages based on the packages on OpenPrinting

Tim Gardner (rtg)


Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen)


  • Herd 5 release
  • Archive administration
  • Release management: UVF exceptions, going through milestoned bug list assigning bugs to people, updating FreezeExceptionProcess

  • Finally got the ubuntu-archive team account on rookery, starting to migrate items such as the publishing of the unapproved queue there.


  • tfheen to get rebuild test results, To: \infty; Cc: mdz, elmo
  • mdz to review RT queue
  • iwj to tell autopkgtest to install things even if they have no tests to run.
  • mdz to file livefs->bzr issue in RT

  • heno to improve ISO testing documentation
  • mdz to ask mdy about vmware licenses


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