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  • Daniel Holbach (dholbach) - on holiday


  1. Roll call
    • Apologies
    • Introduce new starters
  2. Review agenda
    • Review activity reports
    • Propose additional items
    • Accept agenda

  • (pitti) is outdated, let's find a plan to fix it. It's quite important for coordinating merges (and for small merges helpful for actually doing them).
  1. Actions from 20070405 meeting
    • tfheen to make sure QA/bug triage information includes information about when to milestone.
    • bdmurray to merge Bugs/Teams and Bugs/FindRightPackage, solicit feedback from developers
  2. Gutsy opening update
  3. UDS update
  4. Other business

New Starters

  • Bryce Harrington (bryce) - X maintainer

Activity Reports

Alexander Sack (asac)


  • processing huge bugmail backlog (almost a week ;))
  • some bughelper work on improved 'field' matching.


  • packaging, repository, bzr support
  • some discussion with SoC student about bughelper


  • Finish Thunderbird 2.0
  • Prepare Thunderbird locale packages
  • Prepare Enigmail for Thunderbird 2.0
    • update mozilla build environment (mozsdk tarball) for 2.0 branch
    • package latest enigmail 0.95
  • Misc Fixes and updates to mozilla application bzr:
    • sync and merge of iceape from debian svn into launchpad


Ben Collins (BenC)


  • Bug triaging
  • Kernel team meeting, discussing feisty release, and plans for gutsy
  • Received Sun T2000 (Niagara T1) and installed feisty on it
  • Conf call with Colin/Matt for kernel team status


  • Developed new build system for gutsy kernel tree
  • Build and boot tests of gutsy tree on sparc64, powerpc64, x86_64 and x86

Brian Murray (bdmurray)

Troublesome bugs:

  • 108221, 108382, 108350 PS2 mouse related bugs
  • 106289 PS2 keyboard bug
  • 85488 Canon scanners and xsane

Bug triaging:

  • Assigned packages to multiple bugs that had none i.e. were just filed against Ubuntu
  • Reading through bug mailing list and triaging bugs
  • tagging of bugs to retrace
  • metabug tagging

Bug helper:

  • Bug hunting via bughelper


  • wiki updates of bugsquad pages

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)


  • bughelper patch review, lots of good stuff went into what is going to be gutsy
  • implemented bughelper attachment cleaning (6.9G -> 4.9G on my server Funny :))

  • make bughelper more cautious about clue file versions (will have to be backported to -updates)
  • bughelper discussions
  • small bughelper fixes
  • bughelper/python-launchpad-bugs split
  • work on using xpath in bughelper instead of regular expressions
  • discussions with SoC student (Markus Korn is doing amazing work on bughelper)


  • motu mentoring
  • REVU discussions
  • prepared MOTU Session for OpenWeek

  • preparing MOTU UDS sessions
  • gave a MOTU OpenWeek session


  • lots of bug triage


  • blogged about community news
  • UDS discussions

Fabio Di Nitto (fabbione)


  • hacked a bit more on qla2400 support in dapper.
  • multipath-tools SRU blocked on the above for testing.
  • started preparing new upstreams release for openais and redhat-cluster-suite
  • hacking a few scripts to generate statistics of archive compressions. Will send results within today to distro-team.
  • had long chat with RH developers to pull in Conga into Ubuntu and agreed to look at the progresses since they did drop depends on openssl to allow us to redistribute without license issues. Conga is based on zope2 and porting to zope3 is in the radar. Last blockers are pegasus (links against openssl and it's not very portable, fun to package) and zope2 bits that don't work with python2.5 (they are working to fix this issue for us, it's not the top priority for them atm).

Henrik Omma (heno)

  • Reviewing accessibility projects for Gutsy and writing specs
  • Spec for buglog (bughelper component)
  • Testing different Windows->Ubuntu installers

  • GSoC mentoring
  • Logistics work for the Seville expedition

Ian Jackson (iwj)

  • Hacking piuparts apart to make it work with adt-xenlvm. (autopkgtest). This is now written but has yet to be executed. I may yet decide this should be thrown away (now or later); most of the work was dealing with piuparts's internal structure, which is not ideal for this.
  • Fixing my Xen setup after the update to released feisty broke it. (`corrupted' /var/lib/xenstored can make it break, it seems)
  • dpkg triggers discussion is coming to a close I think.

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • UDS planning and research
  • SRU for dist upgrader and hwdb-client
  • reviewing dlink Kubuntu DVD
  • Discussing linuxtag with kubuntu-de
  • Help with Kubuntu session in open week
  • Process e-mail backlog that had caught up during release

To do:

  • More specs research
  • Start package merges for Gutsy
  • Package KDE 3.5.7

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)

  • Planning for Gutsy. Specifically, gathering metaphors and design ideas for each deriv based on a broad all-encompassing scheme
  • Art community discussions based on the above item
  • Theme continuity work. Creating list of problem areas, list of currently related art pieces and ideas for improvement
  • Kubuntu website design ideas

Kyle McMartin (kylem)


  • queued some patches for feisty
  • pm_disable_console sysfs
  • requeue pm-trace on module load for upstream
  • work on megaraid backport for support folks
  • polish off dapper/edgy security upload
  • tg3 fixes for support folks
  • reading niagara docs in preparation for installing sun box
  • preparing for 2 weeks away (us tour + uds)

Martin Pitt (pitti)

This week's activity:

  • PostgreSQL security update, cover security updates for the remainder of the week while Kees is on vac
  • A lot of post-feisty cleanup (SRUs and such)
  • started merging, sent patches upstreamwards
  • UDS preparations
  • Google SoC initial discussions
  • OpenWeek talk

Matthias Klose (doko)

Spec status:


  • update of toolchain packages and upload to gutsy
  • update of java 1.5 compatible packages and upload to gutsy
  • update of python 2.5.1 packages and upload to gutsy
  • fix gcc-4.1 bootstrap failures on powerpc and sparc.

Michael Vogt (mvo)


  • lots of bug triage (and some fixing)
  • added some bughelper clues
  • prepared updates for edgy-proposed
  • sru-verification


  • merges for apt/python-apt/unattended-upgrades/gdebi with debian
  • UDS spec work for sevilla
  • put meta-release stuff into bzr
  • add pragma: no-cache header to meta-release file fetching
  • work on the automatic upgrade tester
  • looking into a way to make apt/dpkg more robust against maintainer script failures (we have too many of those)
  • updated some documentation releated to upgrades/upgrade testing

3rd Party:

  • vmware-server package review

Oliver Grawert (ogra)


Phillip Lougher (pkl)

  • Some bug triage
  • Some patch work for Feisty kernel SRU
  • Learning about SRU process
  • Investigation of liveCD booting slowdown on low-memory systems. Looked into ways to instrument VM caching behaviour (there isn't any), and spent some time working on Squashfs instrumentation.
  • Some thinking for UDS, reading specs. etc.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • Load of desktop bugs triage
  • Some feisty desktop SRU updates
  • Updated the DesktopTeam wiki TODO for gusty opening

  • Wrote a blog entry and a mail about contributing to the desktop team
  • Noted a bunch of desktop bugs on the new launchpad mentorship list
  • Started to look at specs for next UDS
  • Worked on some GNOME updates for gusty

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)


  • Triaged the numerous gs-esp bugs reported recently and asked users for testing with gs-gpl. Most problems are solved by gs-gpl, so the merger of ESP GhostScript into GPL GhostScript should be done soon.

  • Started merge of ESP GhostScript into GPL GhostScript upstream.

  • Answered bug reports

Tim Gardner (rtg)


  • Wireless bug shoot and support.


  • Started working on getting some Feisty patch baggage ready for upstream when the 2.6.22 window opens.
  • Struggled with git.

Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen)

This week's activity:

  • Released Ubuntu 7.10
  • Started bootstrapping gutsy
  • Performance reviews


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