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  • Daniel Holbach (dholbach) - on Leave
  • Henrik Nilsen Omma (heno) - on Leave
  • Søren Hansen (shwarma) - on Leave
  • Jono Bacon (jono) - meeting conflict


  1. Roll call
    • Apologies
    • Introduce new starters (if any)
  2. Review agenda
    • Review activity reports
    • Propose additional items
    • Accept agenda
  3. (pitti) progress discussion for

  4. (pitti) While I am on honeymoon, some of my roles need to be taken by some other distro team members:
    • final release management of dapper.2 (final CD testing, announcements, etc.)
    • release management of Tribes 5 & 6

    • Handholding the apport retracers; I filed RT#28728 to make this possible, and I will write some documentation about it; seb128 offered to help out here already
    • SRU bug handling and archive processing
    • (maybe) language pack building; this should not take any manual intervention actually, so it's not that crucial.
  5. Release readiness update
  6. Other business
  7. Reviewers meeting (non-reviewers are excused)

New Starters

  • Jono Bacon (jono) - community (reporting change)

Activity Reports

Adilson Oliveira (adilson)

i * Testing applications inside UME (PIM GPE and Pimlico).

  • Update UME docs (FAQ, Apps list, etc).
  • Fix UME daily builds
  • Porting applications for UME
  • Make arrangements for IDF

Alexander Sack (asac)


  • trunk: getting trunk/granparadiso alpha7 binaries in (almost) releasable state ... upload pending; -dev package is still a problem though.
  • community work in mozillateam: taking care of new contributors and motu students.
  • some 1.8.0 security work


  • setting up independent application module tree 'mozilla/midbrowser/'
    • migrate current features and introduce new branding
  • update git branch that tracks firefox to latest stable (; rebase/update midbrowser branches accordingly.
  • upload new midbrowser release to gutsy.

Network Manager

  • prepare/uploade network-manager.
  • help: if you experience new or old problems, let me know!

Spec - firefox distro addons support

  • server-side python cgi for plugin finder service is now in a usable state; left: mostly polishing and deployment procedure improvements.
  • Extension data for app-install-data is finally In-Progress.
  • (Initial) Development of improved plugin-finder wizard that will ship in ubufox; the default plugin finder wizard is too constraint to to deliver a good user-experience for our apt: cases.

Spec - free-flash

  • uploaded new gnash cvs snapshot that introduces new package layout for gutsy.

Amit Kucheria (amitk)

  • WIP: Integration of 2D DRM drivers into LUM for LPIA
  • WIP: code review and conf. calls with Intel for Thermal optimizations
  • Fix released: Bug 129226

Arne Goetje

  • Newbie stuff: reading docs and doing all the online paperwork
  • reinstalling my laptop and stationary machine to prepare them for Ubuntu development
  • Trying out Tribe3 and look for font and input method improvements
  • Collecting information about current Unicode coverage and which fonts are involved
  • Comparing fonts to see what we can modify to save space on the Live CD
  • Work on the CJK-Unifonts project: beautify the Latin based characters in AR PL ShanHeiSun Uni.

  • reading bug reports for SCIM and try to figure out how to solve #34282

Ben Collins (BenC)

* Debugged lapic timer issue on AMD mobile * Tested Alsa upstream for some newer hda-intel chipsets. Initially integrated newer driver into lum, but will be reverting in favor of a better solution. * Kernel Team meeting * Work on 6.06.2 driver backports * Bug triaging

Brian Murray (bdmurray)

Bug triaging:

  • triaging of gutsy bugs without a package
  • triaging of linux-source-2.6.22 bugs
  • Hug Day preparation work
  • held Hug Day
  • catching up on e-mail after vacation
  • Tribe 4 daily iso testing


  • working with pedro
  • vacation on 8/2 and 8/3 for DefCon

Bryce Harrington (bryce)


  • Vacation days Aug 3 & 6. (Proposed to my girlfriend!)

  • Arranged to visit Intel campus tomorrow



  • xserver-xorg-video-psb driver for UME
  • Re-did integration of vmmouse_detect into mdetect


  • Triaging of -ati bugs

Chris Cheney (calc)

  • Finished merging OOo 2.3 with Debian
  • Uploaded 2.3.0~src680m224-1ubuntu1
  • Uploaded 2.3.0~src680m224-1ubuntu1
  • Bug triage

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

On holiday

Evan Dandrea (evand)

* worked on getting lpia live CDs building. * in the process of cleaning up the migration-assistant question mess.


* Applied for MOTU \o/

Fabio Di Nitto (fabbione)

  • On Leave

Ian Jackson (iwj)

* dpkg-triggers:

  • Working on the implementation of this. Considerably more than halfway now but need a few more days.

* Some CD testing this evening, of the 20070808 prerelease and

  • of 20070808.1.

* consistent-login-screen (fast user switching sanity):

  • Merged gdm after upload clash and fixed a bug with VT handling.

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • qt and koffice security updates
  • packaging new pyqt3, pyqt4 and pykde
  • had a first shot at building qt3 for lpia over the weekend, lots of deps needed
  • investigating GPL 2 only code in KDE, pass onto e.v. board who should contact them, GPL 3 libraries are going to be a hassle in gutsy+1
  • review and discuss restricted-manager-kde with SoC student, included in tribe thanks to pitti
  • packaging new cmake and libopenbabel
  • package qt 4.3.1 (twice, first time I had to get trolltech to remake the tar)
  • investigate packaging kdepim enterprise, some issues before usable
  • test tribe CDs
  • kubuntu-adept-gutsy: fix --dist-upgrade feature


  • kiosktool, kdesudo and obexftp main inclusion reports


  • finnish kubuntu-adept-gutsy

Kees Cook (keescook)


  • DefCon

    • Won CTF again Smile :)

  • Security Updates
    • reviewed and uploaded gnash update (CVE-2007-2500)
    • poppler update (USN-496-2)
  • Investigations
    • nss_files seg fault (stack exhaustion with giant hosts file)
  • Testing
    • Gutsy upgrade fighting

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)

  • Various designs for Ubuntu desktop wallpaper created. Considered posting these on the wiki but due to the lack of interest in the "call for wallpapers" decided not to.
  • KDM dialog pic updated with logo more in line with usplash - much the same as the Ubuntu usplash and GDM have similar logos
  • Finally received gobuntu logo, work started on usplash. Limited time spent here - just getting the boot process online with current ubuntu/kubuntu/edubuntu designs.
  • Mobile Stuff: Started a test attempt to simply edit the Nokia theme template SVG (huge! and not what we want in several ways). Probably start again once I figure out a decent plan of attack. Intel promised to work on tweaking the themeing and getting back to being able to use a tool to cut up the SVG (for some technical reason the system does not work as-is).

Kyle McMartin (kylem)

  • checked out new e1000e driver for ich9
  • iwlwifi 1.0.0 + hot fix patches
  • more xserver-xorg-video-intel fixes
  • merge stable-2.6.22.y branch for gutsy
  • merge bits and pieces of alsa 2.6.23-rc2

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Spec status:

  • apport-better-retracing: no reply from wine team; will implement the fallback solution of ignoring wine crashes in apport at all next week
  • apport-for-upstreams: set to 'blocked' now; we did everything from our side in the spec, waiting for upstream to give more feedback on the data format and move towards it; I'll keep some IRC contact with them
  • debian-maintainer-field: no change (remaining universe rebuilds will be done after feature freeze to minimize churn)
  • restricted-manager-improvements: got notification about "you can enable nonfree drivers for better performance" check/notification implemented, will upload after Tribe release; will attempt to complete this spec before my wedding

Other notable stuff done:

  • Tribe 4 release management *ugh*
  • Lots of cups cleanups, dropped our complicated derooting patches, replaced with an AppArmor profile. Less secure, but much easier to maintain and fixes a lot of regressions from the derooting patches.

  • Lots of sponsoring for Till and Bryce

Mathias Gug (mathiaz)

* Developer :

  • AppArmor:

    • looked into integration with apport.
    • update package to latest upstream version.

* Packager :

  • sru for apache2.

* Tester :

  • test pre-tribe-4 isos.

* Triager :

  • triage bug: apache2, apparmor, samba.

Matthias Klose (doko)


- lpia bootstrap: pure lpia chroots are available for basic development.

  • reviewed all dependencies and build-dependencies for the mobile and mobil-dev seeds, fixed packages. the 150 fixed and reviewed packages are currently building and should be in the archive soonish (other people did review gnome, kde, firefox, postgresql stuff).

- hopefully final glibc-2.6.1 merge from debian.

- gcc-4.2/gcj-4.2 updates to integrate patches to ease the iced-tea

  • bootstrap, updated the java packages for the libgcj soversion bump.

- openjdk b17 now builds on amd64, now taking over the packaging from

  • sun-javaX to be used with iced-tea.

- syncs and merges

- OOo upload

lpia status

- bootstrap should be done once current build failures are fixed.

- to get the gnome live-cd to build out of the lpia archive we need

  • some more packages be reviewed (kernel and image, boot related stuff). help needed.

Michael Vogt (mvo)

compiz: - updated 0.5.2 - hunted a compiz --replace segfault with upstream for ages, upstream

  • released a fix (race in dlopen() usage) and I uploaded it for the tribe

- new compizconfig-settings-manager (+ fix in the build system send to

  • upstream)

- looked into latest compiz-git, but it needs xlib-xcb and we do not

  • have that :/

update-manager: - new version uploaded that fixes some issues in the pre-requists

  • code

- fix bug when i-m-s hit prevents new releases from being seen

  • (happens only when it is run as root)

apt: - merged/uploaded sha256 and dpkg terminal log support - imporoved libapt apport integration so that it automatically

  • adds the dpkg terminal log

- merged/improved apt pre-upload testsuit to avoid regression as much

  • as possible

- updated/uploaded apt rdepends - merged aptitude - increase the default mmap size - fix logging if no /dev/pts is available - fix filehandle leak in apt_inst - fix https method download bug - fix local repo hash bug in sha256 code

Bugs: - bug triage - some sru verifications

misc: - updated desktop data for gnome-app-install/adept_installer - ddtp package translation upload + updated the upload scripts - gdebi bugfix, upload - looked at MoM and worked around a issue with security.d.o - notification-daemon fix - merged g-a-i changes, added unitttests for the codec/mime search

  • code

Oliver Grawert

last week: prepare tribe 4 more ltsp ldm2 merges some work on LinuxBIOS etherboot support for LTSP

next week: work on ltsp-manager fix thin-client-manager for new ldm more ldm fixes going through ltsp bugs on lp look at moodle packaging changes

Pedro Villavicencio Garrido

* go through the new starter tasks * triaging of desktop-bugs * triaging of bugs without a package * add a draft on Bugs/ForwardingGNOMEBugs * participated in UbuntuBugDay

Phillip Lougher (pkl)

  • WriteSupportForNTFS
    • - updated fuse and ntfs-3g packages, moving binaries and libs from /usr -> / - updated mount to list ntfs-3g options - updated initscripts - updated WriteSupportForNTFS blueprint - added Gutsy kernel patch to make fuse module available to d-i (from Colin Watson)

  • Kernel
    • - Added VMI lazy mode race fix from VMware
  • CVEs
    • - General CVE triaging, and kernel-sec svn updating - Added CVE-2007-3105 to Feisty kernel - Added CVE-2007-3513 to Feisty kernel
  • Misc
    • - Thursday sick.

Rick Clark (dendrobates)

Package work:

  • Review of ebox
  • combined ldap-auth-client and ldap-auth config in to one source package.
  • Started MIR's for the the ldap-auth project
  • tribe 4 iso testing
  • review of auth-client-config
  • debconf tutorial

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

i* Lot of bug triage

* Desktop bug fixing

* Archive admin work

* Some desktop updates and sponsoring

* Worked on the desktop changes for the new tribe

Søren Hansen (soren)

On holiday

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)


  • Bug fixes and improvements on system-config-printer:
    • If an auto-detected device (USB, network) is supported by HPLIP
      • only the HPLIP URIs are shown, to assure that the user gets it correctly set up to get access to the complete functionality
    • For auto-detected network MF devices from HP also an entry
      • for setting up the fax queue is shown
    • Make and model info of auto-detected network printers is used to
      • direct the user to the correct PPD/driver
    • For manually entered printers make and model are determined via
      • SNMP. It is also checked whether the printer is supported by HPLIP
    • No "HP Fax" entry any more when no Fax-capable HP printer is
      • connected.
    • When selecting an auto-detected non-HPLIP network printer the
      • fields of the form on the right are correctly prefilled now.
    • Improved sorting of the device list entries.
  • Updated SpliX printer driver package
  • Got upstream SVN write access on system-config-printer from Tim Waugh
  • Answered bug reports.


  • More polishing, fixes, improvements on system-config-printer
  • Update HPLIP package

Tim Gardner (rtg)


  • Bug triage
  • General Gutsy install and test on Dell HW


  • E1501 boot bug on Turion.
  • ipw3945 kill switch bug.

Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen)


  • Vacation
  • Catch-up on emails, etc
  • Fixing up image-creator to generate a .manifest beside the image, which should make it easier for people to see what versions of packages are in a particular image.



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