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  • Arne Götje (ArneGoetje) - typhoon

  • Ben Collins (BenC) - vacation
  • Colin Watson (cjwatson) - vacation
  • Daniel Holbach (dholbach) - vacation
  • Martin Pitt (pitti) - possible family commitments
  • Søren Hansen (soren) - vacation


  1. Roll call
    • Apologies
    • Introduce new starters (if any)
  2. Review agenda
    • Review activity reports
    • Propose additional items
    • Accept agenda
  3. Release readiness update
  4. Tribe 5 testing commitments - now has the facility to subscribe testers to individual tests (as we did in the past on the wiki). I'll be asking distro team members and community testers to subscribe from tribe-5 testing onwards so we can track coverage better.

  5. Other business
  6. Reviewers meeting (non-reviewers are excused)

New Starters

  • Pedro Villavicencio Garrido (pedro) - QA team (late announcement)

Activity Reports

Adilson Oliveira (adilson)


  • Port applications to UME (Dates, Tasks, Claws)
  • Fix sapwood and libosso to work with UME
  • Test UME images on Q1 (cdimage x image-builder)

Alexander Sack (asac)


  • main task for this week: drive firefox-distro-addons-spec to beta:
    • prepare ubufox 0.4~beta features (upload on Thu)
    • plugin-finder wizard UI rewrite/enhancements to make it suite our (sophisticated) needs
    • discussion about new plugin finder approach with upstream and how this feature can be kept on track for official mozilla code inclusion
    • tried to find a home to host plugin finder web-service needed for this feature ... failed to find a final solution so far. Will bring up something temporary for beta.
  • assisting mozilla team in fixing firefox-granparadiso package and starting to look at xulrunner
  • last minute iso-testing
  • some bug-triage on network-manager; asking community for feedback in ubuntuforums on network-manager in tribe-4 - what works and what doesn't work
  • lpia firefox

Amit Kucheria (amitk)


  • UME:
  • Working with Intel to get patches in shape - Thermal and SDIO
  • Enabled Poulsbo DRM in LUM
  • Enabled older WLAN chipsets
  • Reverted to using PIIX for UME because of lack on DMA support in ATA_PIIX Kernel:
  • Bug triaging

Arne Götje (ArneGoetje)


  • tested Tribe 3 and 4 for CJK input support under Chinese language environment: SCIM works (can be activated by Ctrl-space), but Chinese modules are missing, hence no Chinese input support on the Live CD. User needs to install the Language Pack in the Language chooser first, which requires a working Internet connection. This is IMHO not acceptable for a Live CD, as we cannot assume that the user always has a working Internet connection.
  • try to figure out how to rearrange the font packages, so that we can have a set of core-fonts on the Live CD, instead of the normal font packages. As some fonts (most notably the DejaVu package) come as "source sfd files" in the source packages and need to be compiled with fontforge into the actual ttf files, I think it's best to split the original package into two, one -core and one -extra. Then have a meta package which pulls in only the -core packages. Only a few font packages are affected from this, some only contain one font file and thus don't need to be split.

  • CJK-Unifonts project: run the AR PL ShanHeiSun Uni font through MS Font Validator and try to fix the bugs, which were reported. Couldn't fix all yet, need to contact the fontforge author to check his software... also my scripts to build TTC files seem to have a problem with non-ASCII characters as font names... need to investigate.

Ben Collins (BenC)

On Leave.

Brian Murray (bdmurray)

Bug triaging:

  • triaging of gutsy bugs without a package
  • triaging of linux-source-2.6.22 bugs
  • triaging of hwct bug

BugSquad work:

  • update of wiki bug repsonses, news and faq


  • added ability to query on bug reporter


  • started collecting stats of bugs tagged apport-bug
  • sru verification of 68553
  • phone call with henrik

Bryce Harrington (bryce)


  • SimpleXConfig / DisplayConfigGtk: [IMPLEMENTED]

    • Added to main and to desktop feed
    • Verified available through System menu
    • Aside from random bug work, this spec is complete
  • Bulletproof-X: [DEPLOYMENT]
    • Implemented a --failsafe-mode option in displayconfig-gtk, and moved the zenity info message into python
    • Added a handler for the cancel button to allow user to skip config and just use the failsafe xorg.conf.
    • Latest changes are awaiting sponsorship for upload, after which this can be turned on in gdm. There's one or two glitches remaining, but other than that this will be completed.
  • Xorg 7.3: [IN PROGRESS]
    • Evaluating feasibility and risk of upgrading to xserver 1.4.
    • Most of this is scheduled to come out post-feature freeze.
  • Disable XorgCtrlAltBackspace [POSTPONED]

    • Coded patch to implement feature & tested.

    • Decided to postpone from Gutsy due to lack of concensus on if this is actually a good idea or not. Needs more discussion.


  • Integrated vmmouse_detect into mdetect package. (uploaded)
  • New xorg package (pending upload)
  • mesa 7.0.1 merge (testing)


  • Tested tribe4 installation & resolution selection. I'm seeing it selects the highest available resolution, but for my HD monitor a lesser one is more optimal.


  • Met at Intel Jones Farm campus regarding Poulsbo X driver, DRM, etc. Received crown beach dev box. Set up dev box, created an image and booted up successfully in my test environment.
  • Travel arrangements for XDS2007 and UDS Boston

Chris Cheney (calc)


  • Tested fix for OOo hang, it works and will be committed/uploaded soon
  • Attended tech board meeting and became a core-dev
  • Bug triage
  • Tested Gutsy Tribe-4 for ipw3945 wireless connection problem. It appears that wpasupplicant when used with ifup works fine, but when attempting to connect via NM it does not work. While debugging, NM exhibited several very strange issues, I'm somewhat surprised NM works at all to be honest. There may still be some problem directly related to ipw3945 but it looks like it is mostly a 'NM is a huge pile of bugs' issue.

Daniel Holbach (dholbach)

On Leave.

Evan Dandrea (evand)


  • Reworked the migration-assistant code in Ubiquity to potentially fix some bugs and in order to support the new Ubiquity page handling code.
  • Finally updated and merged the Ubiquity page handling code into trunk.
  • Bug fixing and triaging.
  • Reviewed a new usability study on Ubiquity (using Edgy, unfortunately). Comments pending.

Ian Jackson (iwj)


  • dpkg-triggers: Seems to be working in my limited tests. I have uploaded:
    • dpkg with the new functionality
    • apt and aptitude which can cope with the new package states
  • Also snuck in a couple of MIRs: lib{nss,pam}-ldap. I reviewed the packages and wrote a report on each but the decision is rather political.

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • soyuz management tutorial with pitti
  • re-read over *Process in preparation for release management
  • FF/UVF notice to ubuntu-devel-announce
  • attempt to merge dpkgpm in libapt and adept
  • update kubuntu-meta for kdesudo
  • adept-gutsy-plan: implement reboot hook, adept-batch update and popcon
  • support in adept-installer


  • MIR for kiosktool, obexftp, kvkbd, opensync


  • mine:
    • kubuntu-kiosktool: done, needs main inclusion review
    • kubuntu-gutsy-plan: done except for skim which needs a new version not yet released
    • edubuntu-kde: seeds done, ltps stuff split into ltsp-kde spec to be deferred
    • kubuntu-gutsy-guidance: superceded by plans for KDE 4 Solid based kpowersave
    • strigi-integration: done, although upstream still making some bugfixes
    • kubuntu-gutsy-adept: half done, rest deferred
  • other kubuntu
    • kubuntu-dolphin-by-default: done
    • kubuntu-bluetooth: done, needs main inclusion review
    • kubuntu-accessibility-keyboard: done, needs main inclusion review
    • kubuntu-remove-media: done


  • tribe 5

Kees Cook (keescook)


  • Security Updates
    • reviewed/published lighttpd updates
    • reviewed/tested/published xfce4-terminal update (USN-497-1)
    • built/tested/published libvorbis update (USN-498-1)
    • built apache2 updates
  • Vulnerability Mitigation
    • no-change uploads for main packages untouched since dapper
    • building/testing new text ASLR patch from SuSE
  • Reviews/Merges
    • reviewing festival, eggdrop merges
    • lib{nss,pam}-ldap, ldap-auth-client, auth-client-config with dendrobates
  • Time Suckers
    • fighting with broken BIOS manifesting as hangs in nanosleep()
    • fighting with broken SATA controller manifesting as hung LVM

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)


  • further work on the wallpaper for ubuntu
  • finished gobuntu usplash
  • made fake pic for presentation for CK
  • about 1/3 of the way finished with the first mobile theme

Kyle McMartin (kylem)


  • misc bug firefighting
  • 6.06.2 schedule review with pitti
  • pushing out new gutsy kernel/lum
  • intel vpro/amt/heci/whatever into lum
  • misc updates
  • xserver-xorg-video-intel 2.1.1 bugs
  • apparmor discussions
  • some (very little) work on dapper security bugs this week

Martin Pitt (pitti)

After the Tribe 4 madness, this one was a real "Get it done!" week \o/

I might or might not make it to the distro team meeting tomorrow, depending on our progress with holiday preps.

Spec status:

  • apport-better-retracing: ignores crashes from wine now; that was the last point of that spec, fully implemented now
  • restricted-manager-improvements: remaining points implemented
  • debian-maintainer-field: prepared all uploads, will feed them to the buildds in reasonable chunks; about 200 packages to rebuild

Other stuff done that might be interesting to others:

  • Lots of printing infrastructure work with Till: cups 1.3.0, fixed AppArmor profile, system-config-printer improvements, make cups-pdf work OOTB, new poppler upstream (PDF printing works again!), bug fixes

  • uploaded/processed my two remaining SRUs for dapper.2
  • Fixed all of my 9 Tribe 5 bugs (one still pending upload, rest uploaded)
  • Went through the dapper.2 bug list with Kyle, updated list, set new schedule
  • Gave Jonathan a hands-on training on manual Soyuz operation

Release status:

  • I sound like a broken record, but this needs more love: needs Of course it's too late again already to fix everything, but please try to at least get the "Fix committed" things actually uploaded and have a look in the "Triaged/In progress" ones. Will we get a new kernel on Friday?

Mathias Gug (mathiaz)


  • Developer:
    • Ebox: review ebox.
  • Documentor:
  • Packager:
    • AppArmor:

      • update to latest upstream version.
      • fix all lintian errors/warnings.
      • send ubuntu diffs to upstream.
    • samba:
      • add net usershare support
      • fix valid users bug
  • Triager:
    • triage bugs: samba, apache2.

Matthias Klose (doko)


  • lpia bootstrap: reviewed another 350 packages from main/optional, some from main/extra. fixed packages. about 150 have still to be built.
    • After these packages are built, let the buildd's go in wildHHHH automatic mode.

  • iced-tea/openjdk: not much progress on packaging. get an overview about license issues which still hinder us to upload the package to universe.
  • python package updates, python bug triage.
  • built a gdb64/gdb32 package.
  • integrate apport support into gcc to pass information about ICEs.
  • build a recent gcc-snapshot, fix the i386 biarch build (still needs a 64bit kernel to build and fails on the buildds).
  • update binutils to the 2.18 release branch, the final release is expected in late August. forward build fixes.
  • syncs and merges

Michael Vogt (mvo)


  • git/0.5.2-release updates for the various components
  • convert our tools (apperance capplet) to the new "active_plugins" architecture that libcompizconfig uses
  • work on keybinding compatiblity with metacity, ensure that gnome-keybindings-properties shows all the keys we support
  • implement missing "switch-to-workspace" support in gotovp plugin and enable it by default, send patch upstream
  • add switch-to keybinding translation into libcompizconfig-backend-gconf and send patch upstream
  • created/tested/uploaded patches for xserver-xorg-video-{i810,intel} Xv basic playback support under compiz, all drivers we support with compiz have basic working video now
  • added "global-reset" button to compizconfig-settings-manager and send patch upstream
  • direction discussion (compiz-by-default yes/no?)


  • bugfixing
  • improved regression tests
  • debugged sha256 hashsum failure, tracked it down to a failure in LP and the python-cryto code(!), created patch for LP and send testcase upstream (to python-crypto)
  • ddtp (translated pacakge descriptions) import work with carlos, blocked on LP bug that imports all ddtp uploads into "multiverse"
  • merged apt https patches
  • discussion with camrdale on apt-bittorent

ISV packages:

  • hand them over to Fabbio (yeah!)


  • trying to reproduce failure condition with installed envy


  • bug triage


Oliver Grawert (ogra)


  • ldm2 merges
  • lots of other ltsp code reviews
  • some work on ltsp-manager fixes
  • some work on thin-client-manager fixes


  • more ltsp-manager
  • ltsp bug hunting
  • more thin-client-manager
  • moodle packaging review

Pedro Villavicencio Garrido (pedro)


  • Desktop bug triaging.
  • Triaging of bugs without a package.
  • Coordinate with Brian and the GNOME Bugsquad the next especial Bug day.
  • update wiki responses page.

Phillip Lougher (pkl)


  • CVE triaging and integration into Feisty kernel
    • kernel-sec svn updating
  • Experimenting with AUFS and LiveCDs

Rick Clark (dendrobates)


  • Updated MIR's for libpam-ldap and libnss-ldap per pitti's instructions
    • Issue: Ian Jackson found deficiencies that caused him to recommend against inclusion in main. We should discuss this at the meeting.

  • Created MIR's for ldap-auth-client and auth-client-config and added

them the the queue.

  • updated postinst in ldap-auth-config so that it actually works.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)


  • GNOME 2.19.90
  • admin archive work
  • desktop bug triage

Søren Hansen (soren)

On Leave.

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)


  • A lot of packaging to get the up-to-date versions into the distro before UVF:
    • CUPS 1.3.0
    • Ghostscript CJK patches
    • HPLIP 2.7.7
    • CUPS DDK 1.2.0
    • foomatic-db
    • foomatic-db-hpijs
  • Added automatic setup of PDF generator queue to cups-pdf, let the PPD file of cups-pdf be auto-selected by printer setup tools.
  • Bug fixes and improvements on system-config-printer:
    • Got GUI improvements from Tim Waugh (upstream): Queue name is asked for in the end, more decent suggestion for queue name, "Please wait" pop-ups and redraw while tool is busy searching for printers and PPDs.
    • Upstreamized patches: Custom test page (pitti), better support for working on remote CUPS server (me)
    • Fixed: LP: #131848 LP: #132227
  • Answered bug reports.
  • Main Inclusion Request for cups-pdf: (to fix in Gutsy)

Tim Gardner (rtg)


  • Bug triage
  • General Gutsy install and test on Dell HW
  • Attempting to build Dell 1420 specific Gutsy install using Dell DRU project.
  • Tribe 4 testing.


  • iwlwifi update in Gutsy l-u-m

Tollef Fog Heen (tfheen)


  • Fix up ume-config-samsung-q1-ultra to be better integrated with our regular packages.
  • Enable matchbox-keyboard to be used as a GTK input method so it'll show and hide automatically.
  • Catch-up call with Scott
  • Various mobile development - upload of some packages from, some bits from Adilson.



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