This team in terms of UbuntuDevelopment, tries to fulfill the following tasks in the Ubuntu world:

  1. Reach out to new contributors, thank them for their work and get feedback.
  2. Reach out to people who might be ready to apply for upload rights and help them.
  3. Reach out to contributors that went inactive and get feedback from them and offer help.

If you are interested in helping out with this initiative to make Ubuntu Development more social or if you are interested in contributing to Ubuntu development and if you need pointers on the same, please get in touch with the team at:

Below are some of the links which might be helpful in getting you started with UbuntuDevelopment

  • Packaging Guide - The official Ubuntu packaging guide

  • MOTU - The page of the "Masters of The Universe" team in ubuntu which takes care of Universe and Multiverse packages in Ubuntu.

  • SponsorshipProcess - The page explains how to get your patches and packages submitted to Ubuntu.

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