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 * qt5 packageset: Add the missing/new Qt modules that get updated or no-change rebuilt on each Qt version update ~-{{{appmenu-qt5 fcitx-qt5 gsettings-qt pyqt5 qtenginio-opensource-src qtmir qtmir-gles qtstyleplugins-src qtubuntu qtubuntu-gles qtwayland-opensource-src qtwebkit-examples-opensource-src}}}-~. Optional, if ok (main packages that need a rebuild too): ~-{{{ubuntu-ui-toolkit webbrowser-app}}}-~

This page records the agenda for the next meeting of the Ubuntu Developer Membership Board.

The Developer Membership Board will consider a maximum of two applicants per meeting. If there are already two applicants for the next meeting, please add yourself to the agenda and specify the date of the next meeting with fewer than two candidates that you will attend. Meetings are held fortnightly.

Next DMB meetings (Chair: Dimitri):

Monday August 17th, 2015 19:00 UTC
Monday August 31st, 2015 15:00 UTC
Monday September 14th, 2015 19:00 UTC


  • Review of previous action items
    • bdmurray to setup a pad for the dmb to collaborate on response for noskcaj
    • micahg to get Noskcaj feedback
    • Laney to start an onboarding page for new dmb members
    • michag to confirm if mozc packageset change happened
    • michag to follow up with Unit193 about their application and a meeting date
  • Package Set/Per Package Uploader Applications

  • Ubuntu Contributing Developer Applications

  • MOTU Applications

  • Ubuntu Core Developer Applications

    • Core Developer: Łukasz Zemczak (August 17th)
  • Select a chair for the next meeting (following alphabetical order of first names)

    • Upcoming: Dimitri, Iain, Mathieu, Micah, Stéphane, Adam, Brian wrap
  • Any other business

After the meeting

Logs from previous meetings may be found at DMB meeting logs, or via MootBot.

If adding agenda items, please place them as subitems of the appropriate major item above. Please also prefix your entry with a number indicating the order of application.

Bot instructions:


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