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  * Review Marco Rodrigues participation in Ubuntu Development   * (3) [[MarcoRodrigues/ParticipationApplication|Review Marco Rodrigues participation in Ubuntu Development]]
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  * (4) [[|Bilal Akhtar]]

This page records the agenda for the next meeting of the Ubuntu Developer Membership Board.

Next DMB meeting: August 31st, 2010 15:00 UTC

  • Review of previous action items:
    • mathiaz to transfer ownership of ~ubuntu-server-dev to the DMB
    • persia to call for remaining votes for coolbhavi's application
    • cjwatson to initiate discussion of different meeting times
  • Administrative Matters
  • Package Sets
  • PerPackageUploader Applications

  • Ubuntu Contributing Developer Applications
  • MOTU Applications
  • Ubuntu Core Developer Applications
  • Select a chair for the next meeting
  • Summarize the meeting for TeamReports and update the agenda

Logs from previous meetings may be found at or via MootBot.

If adding agenda items, please place them as subitems of the appropriate major item above.


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