I, Дмитрий Ледков, tentatively preparing to apply for universe-contributor.

Legal Name

Dmitrijs Ledkovs

Launchpad Page

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Who I am

I am a 4th year Engineering Student studying Mobile Telecommunications Technology. I enjoy snowboarding, volleyball and computers =D. I'm also National Volleyball League referee.

For other geeks like me =) see this hackerkey:


My Ubuntu story

Started out because wanted latest Latex + Emacs + Auctex and I was just a Mac beginner. Started running in VM and now I'm Ubuntu most of the time.

Wanted to contribute. Learned packaging. Waited for opportunity and just before Jaunty Feature Freeze started to maintain xiphos and sword in Debian and Ubuntu as part of the newly created Crosswire Packaging Team.

My involvement


Bug Fixes, Merges & Syncs

Things I could do better

  • I should be more efficient in communication over email.
  • Currently my involvement in Ubuntu is seasonal and falls onto vacation periods from Univeristy. I hope to find more time to contribute more.

Plans for the future

  • Continue maintaining Xiphos and Sword
  • Involve in Debian python apps & modules teams cause they are awesome

  • Participate in UDD discussions and help people out with UDD cause I love bzr
  • Do more bugsquad tasks.

What I like least in Ubuntu is Bug #1. Also lack of ubuntu-curiosa mailing list.


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I'm a developer for Xiphos, and Dmitrijs has done an excellent job with the packaging. It is largely because of his packaging efforts that our software has greatly increased in popularity in the Ubuntu world. In addition, Dmitrijs has done very well at working with upstream to get patches in, and has helped out with our build system as well. Matthew Talbert

Dmitrijs provided a patch to improve the rendering of the list of pending merges at He was quick and efficient when I asked him to change it a bit. -- lucas 2010-01-22 03:36:30


As a sponsor, just copy the template below, fill it out and add it to this section.

Daniel Holbach

General feedback

My main interaction with Dmitrijs was bug 380474. I liked how three bugfixes were summed up in one patch and the quality was great.

Areas of Improvement

Dmitrijs should probably get another few uploads done and get a bit more involved with other Ubuntu developers. I'm sure Dmitrijs will soon be a great addition to the Ubuntu Developers team.

Benjamin Drung

General feedback

My interaction with Dmitrijs was the xiphos package. He was open minded to my suggestions and responded quickly.

Areas of Improvement

Dmitrijs should gain more experience.

Alexander Sack

General feedback

Dmitrijs ported the debian dh_xulrunner helper from debian to our ubuntu packages; by that he made a difference

Areas of improvement

More contributions to gain experience on his way to MOTU


=== General feedback ===
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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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=== Areas of Improvement ===

Thank you for viewing my application Wink ;-)


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