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Diogo Constantino


Diogo Miguel Constantino dos Santos

about me:

Contact Information


diogoconstantino at ubuntu-pt.org ; diogo.santos at ansol.org ; diogo.santos at direitosdigitais.pt

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Diogo Constantino








Diogo Constantino


Diogo Constantino


Working in IT for a number of years, in several positions, mostly around development, but also systems administration.

Member of several associations related with IT such as Portuguese National Association for Free Software (Associação Nacional para o Software Livre, ANSOL), and of the Portuguese Association for the Defence of Digital Rights (Associação D3 - Defesa dos Direitos Digitais). Where held at times responsibilities on social organs.

Activist around Digital Rights, mostly on subjects around Copyright, Free Software, Privacy, Open Standards,

Lisbon Perl Monger...

I've been early on involved with the Portuguese community, in several ways, my first attempts to participate date at least as early as of May 2005 (https://launchpad.net/~diogo-santos).


Ubuntu Portugal LoCo Team

I'm a long standing active member on the Portuguese LoCo and member of the Portuguese LoCo Council. Within the LoCo, I perform roles of community manager, social media manager (managing facebook and co-managing twitter presences of the the LoCo), event organizer and promoter (mostly for monthly meetings in Lisbon), etc...

Podcast Ubuntu Portugal

Founder, producer and co-host of Podcast Ubuntu Portugal. A podcast dedicated to promoting Ubuntu Ubuntuverse and Free Software in Portuguese Language.

First episode was published on the in May 2017, and we're now very close to achieving the goal of being a weekly show, and being on the students association radio of a major Portuguese University.

We've improved show quality on all areas and we're are expanding community involvement on the show. So far we've done this by adding one more host, and one more person to produce and edit the show.

This show brought Portuguese speaking people into the official communication channels and on-line hangout spaces of the LoCo, and promotes knowledge about Ubuntu, the Ubuntu Community, and incentives people to join the community and to contribute to Ubuntu. As it grows, so does the Portuguese Ubuntu LoCo.


Many of the most recent contributions were made to UBports, Ubuntu Touch Community.

UBports Community

Within the community the duties and contributions I have made where as:

  • one of the Portuguese Language Captain (helping promoting translation, and Portuguese speakers participate fully on the community),
  • member of the UBports Community Steering Committee (aka UBAM). UBports First Responders (UBports community welcoming team),
  • member of the Marketing Team,
  • member of Social Media & Press Focus Group, where help prepare all sorts of communications, and manage facebook, and co-manage Twitter, Mastodon, and Linkedin presences).

  • member of the App Development Focus Group (developer evangelism/relations)

I also assist with privacy related issues (compliance).

Ubports Foundation

I'am a Trustee of the UBports Foundation and a member of it's Membership Council.

Ubuntu Europe Federation

I'm President of Ubuntu Europe Federation, a recently created entity entity that has the aim to foster resource sharing within the European LoCo, and to assist them with bureaucracy whenever they need.


I've also assisted the organization of Ubucon Europe 2018 by managing the event facebook page.

Event participation

  • LoCo monthly meetings in Lisbon (and I relaunched them after years without them happening)

  • LoCo monthly meetings in Sintra

  • All sorts of LoCo events social and technical

  • UbuCon Europe 2016

  • UbuCon Europe 2017

  • UbuCon Europe 2018

Future Goals


  • Bring more understanding of Digital Rights issues to the Ubuntu Community
  • Bring more understanding of Free Software and Ubuntu To Digital Rights activists
  • Participate in more Ubuntu and Free Software events
  • Bring more women and young people to the community
  • Help the Ubuntu Community to be a more diverse crowd

Ubuntu Portugal LoCo Team

  • Improve the website (better organization, more engaging and actionable content)
  • Continue to help manage the Portuguese LoCo Team

  • Create more awareness about Ubuntu and Free Software
  • Make yearly Ubucon Portugal a reallity
  • Help produce all sorts of content for the community, manuals, blog posts, tutorials, livestreamed video Q&A's, etc..

Podcast Ubuntu Portugal

  • Grow the show audience by making it more entertaining and more usefull
  • Help grow the Ubuntu community
  • Incentivize contributions to the Ubuntu Community
  • Spread the mission and values of Ubuntu
  • Help others podcasting/audiocasting with Ubuntu and about Ubuntu and Free Software
  • Open the show producing activities to more community members


  • Continue to help manage Portuguese Speaking Community
  • Continue to help manage the Foundation affairs
  • Continue to contribute to Marketing and Social Media management
  • To do more developer evangelism, to bring more developers into the community
  • Organize community events, for UBports community and with the broader Ubuntu Community

Ubuntu Belgium LoCo

Make Ubuntu Belgium LoCo team an active LoCo team by:

  • Motivate people to do a monthly meeting in Brussels
  • Some how exploit the fact that a huge part of the Free Software Community gets together in Brussels for FOSDEM

Ubuntu Europe Federation

  • Establish the Federation "de facto" and not just "de jure"
  • Help establishing framework to help plan and execute Ubucon Europe and Ubucon style events
  • Gather resources to be shared by the European Ubuntu LoCo's

  • Help Ubuntu LoCo bring more awareness towards Ubuntu and Free Software

  • Develop cooperative frameworks to further Ubuntu and it's community in any way the European Ubuntu LoCo's decide fit


I only can say one thing: Diogo has to be an Ubuntu member! Smile :) I'll not meet a guy with so much passion about Ubuntu and its community as Diogo has. He is always trying to help, he is always involved everywhere. Then, I wouldn't say +1 for his application, I would say +1000! -- costales

In a scale from 1 to 10 Diogo is an 11 on the Ubuntu passion level! He is in constant evangelization of everyone around him, always in the right word/advice. I share with him some projects like the Podcast Ubuntu Portugal, that he challenge me to do with him and until now is being quite a ride... Thanks for everything, bro!-- tcarrondo

Diogo is so passionate for Ubuntu and privacy, that it is not somewhat surprising to know the number of projects he is involved and the amount of things we deals with regularly. Diogo has been a key stone in the Portuguese Loco, helping to spread Ubuntu, despite living abroad. Furthermore, he has played a key role developing Ubuntu Europa, a federation to help organize european LoCos. He connects often with third-party associations to help organize and defend what he thinks are the best interests of all open source communities, Ubuntu included and being a priority that he tries connection too often. For that alone, he is more than deserving of his Ubuntu Membership. It has been a pleasure to coordinate the efforts of the Portuguese LoCo and I know we will be working together on many ends. -- gsilvapt

Diogo not only promotes and understands Ubuntu, but he lives Ubuntu. He is a self-motivated advocate who dedicates his time to improve the whole community. From hosting audiocasts to running meetups, Diogo loves getting together with people and sharing Ubuntu. He has be instrumental in supporting UBports and keeping the Ubuntu Touch project alive. I look forward to working with him more in the community. -- joe

Diogo Constantino must be the most passionate member of the European Ubuntu community I know. His work both for the Ubuntu Europe Federation and the UBports community is amazing and invaluable. Additionally to the unmatched dedication that makes his contribution so valuable, Diogo has an excellent network of contacts in the industry, which helped UBports develop many new relationships. I 100 % support Diogos application (frankly, i am suprised he is not a member already!). -- neothethird

Diogo is one of those rare persons who are just amazing in everything they put their mind to. From his dedicated work with the Portuguese LoCo, to the astonishing number of podcasts and in-person meetups, no one could imagine that he might work harder to advance Ubuntu advocacy. Except that he is such an important part of the Ubuntu Europe Federation and the UBports project, too. With all of that hard work, he is also an incredibly warm, friendly person. There are a lot of people who really embody the spirit of Ubuntu, and as one of them, Diogo is a true inspiration to anyone who hopes to do the same. -- nhaines

I've meet Diogo in different Ubuntu & FLOSS events in Europe and also on many online networks (podcast, chats, etc), and he is always making something about/for Ubuntu and its community. He is a strong and enthusiast advocator of the Ubuntu project & its community in Europe, and having his Ubuntu membership would be simply a normal thing regarding his past, present, and future contributions. Looking forward to share a drink with him at next Ubuntu Party in Paris December 2018 ! -- cm-t

Diogo is a force of nature for the Ubuntu community. I thoroughly enjoy working with him as we create the messaging to keep users informed about Ubuntu Touch. He's always willing to help and doesn't pass up an opportunity to represent Ubuntu at a community event. If he says he's going to do something, it gets done right. -- universalsuperbox 2018-10-15 16:51:06