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Cryptoswap+cryptoroot+cryptohome as an installation option.


I would like to see the option to start with an encrypted swap, root, and home partitions. Currently, all cryptoroot and cryptohome set ups are all hand built ... upgrading becomes an utter pain due to changes in the standard set of packages. An "official" ubuntu cryptoroot/home/swap setup would alleviate this.


Allow the user to choose to start with an encrypted root, home, and swap partitions.

Boot can be unencrypted, as long as home and root are secure.

LUKS would be a preferred solution ... but anything secure would be acceptable. Access to home should be possible from a rescue cd provided you remember your passphrase.

Implementation needs to survive future upgrades.


Maybe this is already implicit in the above, but should support encrypted swap for hibernation. I seldom shutdown my notebook, usually I suspend or hibernate. -kentborg, 8 June 2007.

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