Who am I

My name is Dmitry Afanasjev (Дмитрий Афанасьев). I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I'm 19 years old student of Saint-Petersburg State Transport University. My speciality is software and programming. And of course I'm Linux enthusiast.

I'm really interested in Open Source Software. My favorite linux distributions are Debian GNU/Linux (my first Linux) and Ubuntu GNU/Linux (my current Linux). I've been a Linux user for 1+ year.

I fond of programming and my favorite languages are C++ and Java. I'm rather good in C++, but I'm just beginner in Java. I guess Java became my favorite language.

What have I done for Ubuntu

Nothing more then just using Ubuntu and distribute it among friends yet.

What do I want to do for Ubuntu

  • Help to organize and increase Russian Ubuntu Community;
  • help beginners with their problems;
  • build packages;
  • translate programms into Russian;
  • maybe some coding.


Email: <>

Jabber ID:

ICQ: 203699907


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