My name is Pavel Blokhin aka doctor (Павел Блохин in Russian). I'm 30 years old computer enthusiast. I live in Moscow, Russia. I am doctor-urologist. My native language is Russian and I know English too.

I am very interested in Open Source and most interested in GNOME, XFCE, Maemo projects. My favorite linux distributions are ArchLinux and Ubuntu of course. I have been a Linux user for 7+ years.

My current Ubuntu activities

  • I'm operator of Russian Community's irc channel #ubuntu-ru on freenode network

  • I'm supermoderator of Russian Community's forum

My Ubuntu interests

  • Create & support Russian Wiki

  • Advocating Ubuntu among Russian-speaking community and organizing this community.


E-mail: psblokhin <at>

IRC: [doctor] on freenode network (I'm usually present at least on #easylinux and #ubuntu-ru channels)

Jabber ID: [doctor]


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