This is the first blueprint for the https://launchpad.net/doctemplate project.

This project has two aspects, Project Code and LP:

  • Project Code:
    • Create template that enables one to easily add documentation to another package or as a standalone package (DONE)
    • User can choose to write source in docbook article or docbook book (DONE)
    • Full localization supported: localized strings and localized images (DONE)
    • Make commands convert source to localized: html, pdf, docbook (DONE)
    • Package installation supports installing localized docbook or html using omf files to register it in library for display in yelp
  • LP:
    • Easy (well-understood), two-way integration with LP translations (DONE)

LP Wish List items:

  • Project "Documentation" tab
  • Set Documentation privileges (analogous to Translations privileges: Open, Structured, Restricted)
  • Assign project to Documentation Group (analogous to Translation Group)
  • Translation page to support image localization (implies import and export from/to source branch)
  • LP to provide xml transformation to localized version (html/docbook?) with auto-display in LP

Phase 1

Phase 1 is focused on the Project Code and its integration with LP translations.


  • Add build target that generated localized docbook in a directory structure (under build/) that is suitable for installation as yelp help
  • Add packaging that installs the docbook/html/pdf output

Completed Goals

  • Work through the LP Translation process for this project:
    • 'make update-po' to extract strings to po directories
    • request bazaar import in LP project to update LP template
    • translation in LP
    • export to bzr branch and integration into bzr source
  • Add build target to convert it to localized html: this now works with two make commands:
    • 'make html-site LANG=<langcode>' generates a localized version of the article or book in build/html/<langcode>/

    • 'make html LANG=<langcode>' generates a localized version of the article (book needs work) that is nicely formatted and css styled with a clickable TOC, next and previous buttons for article sect1 elements. This is in build/html-test/<langcode>/

Phase 2

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