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## page was renamed from DocumentationTeam/Organisation

This page explains the structure of the DocumentationTeam.

This page is a work in progress and is subject to internal discussion. The structure described below has not yet been implemented.

The DocumentationTeam takes care of two main different types of documentation, the documentation wiki and the system documentation.

The team as a whole is represented by the ~ubuntu-doc team on Launchpad. Within that team, the following subteams exist:

  1. Ubuntu Documentation Contributors. This is an open team which anyone interested in helping with Ubuntu documentation can join to show their interest. Feel free to join this team and learn how to contribute from the DocumentationTeam page. Members of this team frequently:

    • Edit Ubuntu Documentation Wiki pages.
    • Report bugs via Launchpad to the Ubuntu system documentation.
    • Contribute patches to system documentation through Launchpad and Bazaar.
    • Participate on the Ubuntu-doc mailing list and/or in the #ubuntu-doc IRC channel.
  2. Ubuntu Documentation Committers. This team has write access to the official system documentation branches. Write access to these branches is restricted because this is the documentation that is included directly with every Ubuntu system. A system of quality control and review is therefore required.

  3. Ubuntu Documentation Wiki Administrators. Members of this team have permission to delete or rename wiki pages. This is a restricted action on the help wiki, because the renaming or deletion of wiki pages can often cause unintended problems. This is explained in the relevant section of the Wiki Guide.

Joining a Team

If you're new to the DocumentationTeam, you should join the Ubuntu Documentation Contributors team on Launchpad. That team is open to anyone interested in contributing to join, and there is no application process.

Once you are more familiar with the team and its processes, you may find that you are able to contribute more effectively with either the Ubuntu Documentation Wiki Administrators team (if you wish to help with maintenance of the wiki), or the Ubuntu Documentation Committers team (if you wish to be able to push your changes directly to the system documentation).

You can apply to join either of these teams by posting to the mailing list and asking to be added. Please provide evidence that you satisfy the requirements in this section.

After you have posted to the mailing list, the DocumentationTeam will discuss and seek to reach a view on your application by consensus. Don't worry - this should be a pain free process in the vast majority of cases! In the event that any issue is raised with the application which leads it to be refused, you can reapply later if you have addressed and provided a solution to those issues.

General Requirements

As a prerequisite for both teams, we ask applicants to have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

We also ask that the applicant has interacted with members of the group, by posting to the mailing list fairly regularly, and/or frequenting the irc channel.

Requirements for Ubuntu Documentation Committers

Membership of this team carries with it a right to commit material directly to the documents which are included in the Ubuntu operating system. For that reason we ask that applicants to join this team have:

Requirements for Ubuntu Documentation Wiki Administrators

For membership of this team, we ask that applicants to join have:

  • read the Wiki Guide.

  • made significant contributions to the help wiki by way of edits to pages.
  • demonstrated an understanding of the issues that can arise from deleting and renaming pages, and how to avoid them.

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