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Inclusion deadlines for ImpishString Freeze: September 16, 2021 / Non-language packs: September 30, 2021

This page explains the structure of the DocumentationTeam and provides information about how to join the team.

The Ubuntu documentation team as a whole is represented by the ~ubuntu-doc team on Launchpad. Several subteams exist within that team, most notably:

  1. Ubuntu Documentation Contributors. This is an open team which anyone interested in helping with Ubuntu documentation can join to show their interest. Feel free to join this team and learn how to contribute from the DocumentationTeam page. Members of this team work on various parts of the documentation.

  2. Ubuntu Documentation Committers. This team has write access to the official system documentation branches. Write access to these branches is restricted because this is the documentation that is included directly with every Ubuntu system. A system of quality control and review is therefore required. Membership to this team is moderated, see requirements below.

  3. Ubuntu Documentation Wiki Administrators. Members of this team have permission to administrate the Ubuntu community help wiki, most notably delete or rename wiki pages. Membership to this team is moderated, see requirements below.


As a prerequisite for both teams, we ask applicants to have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

We also ask that the applicant has interacted with members of the group, by posting to the mailing list fairly regularly, and/or frequenting the IRC channel.

Requirements for Ubuntu Documentation Committers

Membership of this team carries with it a right to commit material directly to the documents which are included in the Ubuntu operating system. For that reason we ask that applicants to join this team have:

  • read the System Documentation series of pages

  • contributed a number of patches to the system documentation which, taken as a whole, demonstrate to the reviewer that the applicant applies the documentation team style guide, and is comfortable working with DocBook, Bazaar and Launchpad.

  • read the UbuntuBugControl page and all those pages linked there (this is necessary because membership of the Ubuntu Documentation Committers team carries with it membership of the Ubuntu Bug Control team).

Requirements for Ubuntu Documentation Wiki Administrators

For membership of this team, we ask that applicants to join have:

  • read the Wiki Guide.

  • made significant contributions to the help wiki by way of edits to pages.
  • demonstrated an understanding of the issues that can arise from deleting and renaming pages, and how to avoid them.

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