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This page explains the structure of the DocumentationTeam.

This page is a work in progress and is subject to internal discussion. The structure described below has not yet been implemented.

The DocumentationTeam takes care of two main different types of documentation, the documentation wiki and the system documentation.

The DocumentationTeam as a whole is represented by the ~ubuntu-doc team on Launchpad. Within that team, the following subteams exist:

  1. Ubuntu Documentation Contributors. This is an open team which anyone interested in helping with Ubuntu documentation can join to show their interest. Feel free to join this team and learn how to contribute from the DocumentationTeam page.

  2. Ubuntu Documentation Committers. This team has write access to the official system documentation branches. Write access to these branches is restricted because this is the documentation that is included directly with every Ubuntu system. A system of quality control and review is therefore required. In order to be granted access to join this team, applicants need to demonstrate familiarity with the system documentation processes and the StyleGuide. Applicants should apply to join the group by posting to the mailing list. In particular, we ask applicants to have:

    • signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

    • read and understood the System Documentation series of pages

    • contributed several patches which apply correctly and demonstrate familiarity with bzr (can be small patches).
    • contributed at least one significant patch which demonstrates a good and clear writing style.
  3. Ubuntu Help Wiki Editors. Members of this team have permission to delete or rename wiki pages. This is a restricted action on the help wiki, because the renaming or deletion of wiki pages can often cause unintended problems. This is explained in the relevant section of the Wiki Guide.