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  1. How DocBook tags are used

  2. When to use a DocBook article, and when to use a DocBook book.

  3. How to markup screenshots and other graphics, sections, cross-refs, tables, etc.

Referring to the user interface

The standard methods of tagging items in user interfaces are detailed below.


attachment:button.png attachment:button-toggle.png

For push buttons, use <guibutton>Button Caption</guibutton>. The caption should match the exact caption used by the button in the UI.


attachment:label-textentry.png attachment:label-tab.png attachment:

For labels (such as the names of text entries, checkboxes and tabs), use <guilabel>Label Text</guilabel>. The label text should exactly match the text used in the UI.

Referring to files and commands

This section describes the tags which should be used when referring to files, directories, and commands which the user inputs into the Terminal.

Files and directories

When referring to a file, use <filename>/path/to/file</filename>

Refer to directories using <filename classname="directory">/path/to/directory</filename>

Refer to file extensions using <filename classname="extension">.ext</filename>

Terminal Commands