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Clear message

One of the major tasks of the DocumentationTeam is to take care of the documentation which comes with every Ubuntu system, and is available from System -> Help and Support on an Ubuntu desktop.

The team also takes care of the system documentation available in Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Edubuntu.

In order to contribute to the system documentation, you need to know a bit about the tools and processes the team uses to maintain the documentation.


If you want to make changes to the system documentation, you need to download the repository which stores the latest copy of the documentation. Like most Ubuntu projects, we store our material using the Bazaar (or bzr) version control system:

  • Detailed information on on using the bazaar branches and getting to our repository is on the /Repository page.


The system documentation is written in a simple markup language called DocBook XML. DocBook is similar to HTML and is easy to learn to write with. When you start working on our documents, you will see how DocBook is employed by the docteam.

  • The /Editing page details how to edit the documents.

  • The /Checking page explains how to view the files you have edited and to check your work.

Submitting your Contribution

Once you have made a change to a document and checked your work, the next step is to send your contribution to the DocumentationTeam.