Pages/Threads for Import

This page is for keeping track of pages on the UDSF and on the forum which would potentially be well-suited for integrating with the help wiki.

Before seeking permission for and documenting a nominated page, please complete a thorough search of the existing Help Wiki Pages and the system documentation to ensure that we are not doubling up on documentation. Also read the wiki guidelines.

Once permission has been obtained, please feel free to add your name, first as the Wikifier and then 'Where Integrated' when completed.

N.B. When writing to seek permission from the author please include in your message something like, "we will assume that you do not object if you do not respond within 2 weeks. If after that time you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us"

Nominated UDSF page or Forum Thread

Author's Permisson sought


Link to integrated wiki

Broadcom STA (Wireless)

byjosephmills april 12th 2012 via fourm


Openvas part 1(security &server)

byjosephmills april 13th 2012 via I.R.C

Install and use the latest FFmpeg and x264

by topdownjimmy Jan 27 2011 via forum PM


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