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#title Documentation Team

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= Introduction =

## Describe:
## the teams's purpose and community role
## the team tasks and work
## who might be interested in joining/getting involved with the team

An explaination of the structure of the Documentation Team and information about how to join it.

The Documentation Team takes care of two main types of documentation, the [[DocumentationTeam/Wiki|documentation wiki]] and the [[DocumentationTeam/SystemDocumentation|system documentation]] that ships with each version of *buntu.

The Documentation Team has three divisions.

= Contributors =

'''[[|Ubuntu Documentation Contributors]]''' is an open team which anyone interested can join and assist in helping with Ubuntu documentation. Being part of this team will enhance your sense of Community and the Documentation Team pages will quickly help you learn how to contribute. When you are ready to join use the 'Join this team' link on '''[[|this page]]'''

Members of this team frequently:

  * edit Ubuntu Documentation Wiki pages

  * report bugs via Launchpad to the Ubuntu system documentation

  * contribute patches to system documentation through Launchpad and Bazaar

  * participate on the Ubuntu-doc mailing list and/or in the #ubuntu-doc IRC channel

= Committers =

'''[[|Ubuntu Documentation Committers]]''' is a peer approved team which has write access to the official system documentation branches. Approval is necessary because this documentation is included directly with every Ubuntu operating system. A system of quality control and review is also applied.

Before applying for membership applicants are asked to:

 * read [[|System Documentation]].

 * contribute a number of patches to the system documentation which, taken as a whole, demonstrate to the reviewer that the applicant applies the requirements of the [[DocumentationTeam/StyleGuide|documentation team style guide]], and is comfortable working with Bazaar, Launchpad, and either [[|Mallard]] for the Ubuntu User Guide or [[|DocBook]] for the serverguide, or both.

 * read the UbuntuBugControl page and all those pages linked there (this is necessary because membership of the Ubuntu Documentation Committers team carries with it membership of the Ubuntu Bug Control team).

= Wiki Administrators =

'''[[|Ubuntu Documentation Wiki Administrators]]''' is an experienced team who have permission to delete or rename wiki pages. This is a restricted action on the help wiki, because the renaming, or deletion of wiki pages can often cause unintended problems.

Before applying for membership applicants are asked to:

 * read [[|Style Guide]]

 * read [[|Wiki Guide]]

 * read [[|DeletingAndRenaming]]

 * make significant contributions to the help wiki by way of edits to pages

 * demonstrate an understanding of the issues that can arise from deleting and renaming pages, and how to avoid them.

= Style Guide =

The work of all members of the Documentation Team is subject to our [[/StyleGuide|Style Guide]] and you will be expected to benefit from its advice so that your work will be of greater benefit to its readers.

= Team progression =

Once you are more familiar with the team and its processes, you may find that you are able to contribute more effectively with either the Ubuntu Documentation Committers team (if you wish to be able to push your changes directly to the system documentation), or the Ubuntu Documentation Wiki Administrators team (if you wish to help with maintenance of the wiki).

You can apply to join either of these teams by posting to the mailing list and asking to be added. Please provide evidence that you satisfy the requirements in this section. It's particularly helpful if you can include links to concrete examples of your work, such as wiki pages, or patches.

= Sub-pages =

||<tablestyle="width:90%; background:#F1F1ED; margin: 0 0 1em 1em;" style="padding:0.5em;">'''This Team wiki page contains the following sub-pages:'''||


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