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## page was copied from DocumentationTeam

A Documentation Team meeting is planned for the first Tuesday of every month @ 17:00 UTC.

Freezes for Bionic – String Freeze March 29 – Non-language packs April 12

Ubuntu Doc Team Home Page

Welcome to the Ubuntu Doc Team Home page, the starting point for those interested in improving Ubuntu documentation. May your life go well.


The Documentation Team takes care of official documentation for both Desktop and Server. It also contributes to the community help wiki. This is done via several sub-teams. Besides contributing text to both types via the Contributors team, each has its own administrative team, the Committers team (official docs) and the Wiki Administrators team (help wiki). See Documentation Team organization for more on the overarching Doc team and these 3 sub-teams.

All documentation falls under this license.

Contact the Documentation team for any questions or feedback you may have.


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