Minutes of the "Quickie" Ubuntu Documentation Project Meeting, Aug. 11, 2005

IRC log of the meeting is available:

Meeting Participants


Full Name


Jerome Gotangco


Matt Galvin


Rob Stoffers


Jeff Schering


Brian Burger


Andrew Mitchell (lurker)


Members of the docteam happened to be in #ubuntu-doc at the same time and decide to have a quick meeting and update the team on the developments of DocteamProjects. There was also no concrete agenda on the DocteamMeetingAgenda page, hence the sudden decision to meet in #ubuntu-meeting.

FAQ Guide

mgalvin announced to the team that he started splitting the FAQ guide into small xml files to ease up the work instead of editing one huge file. Since a lot of the content is already done, there are very issues with the FAQ guide at the moment and there would still be time to proofread the document before freeze. As for the completion of the FAQ Guide, rob^ said that everything might be done by next week.

There was also a discussion on the future of the FAQ Guide as the front page for Ubuntu help for Breezy but was agreed to be discussed in a later meeting scheduled for next week.

Quick Tour

The Quick Guide is now renamed into Quick Tour and a brain dump of the said document is located at We had jdub look at the page and he is quite happy on how it turned out. At the moment, Burgundavia and jsgotangco are busy with the Quick Tour and would probably have a concrete outline of the document before the week ends.

Edubuntu Cookbook

The Edubuntu Cookbook is an adaptation of the tuXlabs Cookbook, a project of the Shuttleworth Foundation. The current owner of the document is jsgotangco and he has started forking the original tuXlabs cookbook in an Edubuntu context. He also said that all Ubuntu docs will be part of Edubuntu.

ubuntu-docs deb

mgalvin announced to the team that he got packaging for ubuntu-docs running well but needs to be uploaded. ajmitch was lurking in the meeting and he told the team that he would be happy to check over the packaging stuff if needed.

Style Guide

jsgotangco asked jeffsch if the Style Guide is already complete. jeffsch told the list that it is ready and just needs to be published. jsgotangco will just publish the Style Guide as an html and pdf file and announce its availability to the team.

Other issues

There were other issues discussed during the meeting but of no great importance to the team at the moment, so it was decided to leave it to the list instead.

Meeting was adjourned and the next Ubuntu Documentation Project meeting is scheduled on August 26, 2005 at 14UTC.


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