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Clearly, a computer running Ubuntu is great. How much greater and more revolutionary would it be if Ubuntu offered a seamlessly integrated, comprehensive set of web services?

Similar to Apple's .Mac (previously iTools) but free and open source, .Ubuntu is a suite of internet services for Ubuntu users, such as IMAP/POP email (, Jabber, web storage, calendar service, synchronization or backup service, software profiling, integrated desktop sharing/live support infrastructure, with automated configuration of the desktop to utilize these features. Upon installing Ubuntu, the user would be allowed to sign up for .Ubuntu or enter a .Ubuntu user name and password to log into the service. Once logged in, the user can use the .Ubuntu features on the desktop and through a web interface.

I think this would really enhance the sense of community and the sense of polish, especially for new users. Essentially, after an easy install and .Ubuntu sign-up, the new user could open Evolution and begin sending emails immediately, or open Gaim with their automatically configured Jabber account, etc.

A "meta-feature" like this would require lots of bandwidth and lots of disk space. Maybe we could distribute it by allowing Ubuntu server users to donate disk and bandwidth. Desktop users could donate too, but this seems like it would require too much redundancy. Or, perhaps, Ubuntu enterprise clients could donate bandwidth and disk.


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