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About Me

Interested in physics and computers .

My views

I believe that creativity of a person is more important than the number of programming languages he knows .

Have coding experience with VB and C# . Now learning a bit of assembly .
I will be active in Ubuntu brainstorm and will try to code for Ubuntu .

My relations with Ubuntu

I was a Windows user .
The main factors which attracted me toward Ubuntu is ubuntu philosophy , it's open source nature , the features and Ubuntu community.

Contributions to the Ubuntu community

  • Ubuntu Brainstorm Ideas -

    Ubuntu Brainstorm idea reviewer -

    • I have reviewed and promoted hundreds of idea in Brainstorm .

    Ubuntu My projects -

    • I . Implemented frugal optimization for initird ; It can boot an Ubuntu frugal persistent install 30 - 40 % faster .
      II . Brainstorm upgrading - Under development .

    Ubuntu Others

    • Includes translations , blue prints ,Q&A etc .
      Visit Launchpad profile.

My Plans

  • (o) Support the ubuntu community to make the worlds best operating system.
    (o) To help in developing applications for medical and genetic fields , with Ubuntu .
    (o) Support Loco teams
    (o) To Promote Ubuntu in public sector



  • Lives in a sea of ideas . Multi-talented - adrishyan

  • I likes Ubuntu because he Uses it - VS

Thank you

Thank you for visiting my wiki and reading this,


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