Provide a method for easily and unambiguously configuring drawing tablets without resorting to configuration file hackery.


Often the process of configuring alternative input devices (specifically graphics tablets) requires intimate knowledge of configuration files and command line utilities. However, the persons who might be most interested in using linux with these devices -- artists -- are typically those who do not want to deal with such complexities, they want it to both "just work" and to be adaptable/configurable to their various styles of work.

Use Cases

  • Bob is a graphical artist who is trying out Ubuntu Linux for the first time. Bob has little experience with computers and has just perchased a wacom graphics tablet. He plugs the tablet into the computer and is guided through configuring the tablet.
  • Sally is a day trader with an RSI. Sally hears that using a graphics tablet stylus instead of a mouse will help reduce the effect of this injury on her long computing sessions. Sally is happy with the experience she gets from using a graphics tablet on her windows based machine and one day Sally hears about and decides to try Ubuntu Linux. Sally installs and configures Ubuntu Linux. However, Sally has dual displays and wishes to constrain the tablet to using only the second display. Sally finds this option in the tablet preferences window and activates it. Sally is satisfied.
  • John is a graphics artist who wishes to maintain multiple profiles for each of his applications (GIMP, Jahshaka, Maya, etc). John finds that the tablet configuration panel already includes a list of shortcut keys for many of the major graphics programs and that when he switches between applications those shortcut keys also switch. John is happy.
  • Peter is competent linux user and graphic artist. Peter loves to recommend Ubuntu Linux to his artist friends because he didn't have to mess around with installing extra drivers or hunt for configuration settings when he first installed his graphics tablet. He knew that his friends would love the simple question driven installation process that allowed him to configure his tablet just as he wanted it.




Outstanding Issues


Has anyone started working on this yet? I found this page as I want to work on a similar tool. What about a graphical interface (PyGTK?) for xsetwacom?

Warbo: Build on this http://alexmac.cc/tablet-apps/ ?


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