Martin Espinoza

Email: <martin.espinoza AT FROGLEGS gmail DOT com> (remove amphibian cuisine and convert to punctuation please, humans)

Greetings, programs! I am Martin Espinoza, a Santa Cruz native living in Lake County, California. I have done various computer-related jobs like Unix systems administration, Phone support, Report writing, MIS, Network Administration, Retail Sales, and so on.

Ubuntu and Me

I came to Ubuntu because it seemed to offer what I always wanted - Debian with updated repositories. My vision for Linux is that it is suitable for all systems (over time) and my vision for Ubuntu is that it run on as many of them as is appropriate and provide all possible compatible functionality with the maximum ease-of-use. Ubuntu has made huge strides in both the "include everything" and "make it easy" categories, while still being Free Software at its core.

Me and Ubuntu

As an Ubuntu user I first spread the CDs, then begun filing bugs, next wrote some howtos, then became active on brainstorm. Most recently I have packaged QGtkStyle (http://labs.trolltech.com/page/Projects/Styles/GtkStyle) for hardy and intrepid and I'm also working on Xgl from git in order to get XRandR (although I imagine that will happen in intrepid, or so I hope.)

I'll try to bring some of those howtos here, if any of them are not now outdated Smile :)


First announced May 13, 2005 http://labs.trolltech.com/blogs/2008/05/13/introducing-qgtkstyle/ QGtkStyle (http://labs.trolltech.com/page/Projects/Styles/GtkStyle) is a Qt style which uses GTK2 to render widgets. This means that it looks precisely like your installed and active GTK2 theme, which makes Qt and GTK look the same. The reverse functionality (draw GTK2 apps with Qt) has been available for some time in the package gtk-qt-engine, so if you want GTK2 apps to blend in with your Kubuntu desktop, you should install that package instead.

See my PPA https://launchpad.net/~martin-espinoza/+archive to install QGtkStyle. (Or just download the appropriate deb from the PPA pool: http://ppa.launchpad.net/martin-espinoza/ubuntu/pool/main/q/qgtkstyle/ 678-1ubuntu1 is built against hardy, -1ubuntu2 is built against intrepid. I'm not really sure how to properly handle dists and versions yet, sorry.

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