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Hard Drives

  • [:InstallingANewHardDrive:Installing a new harddrive]

CD/DVD Drives

  • [:ManageDiscImages:Manage Disc Images] - How to convert CloneCD to ISO and mount ISO files

  • ["CdDvdBurning"] - How to burn CD-R and DVR/+-R/+-RW/DL

  • [:EjectCDLauncher:Eject CD] - How to add a launcher on your panel to eject your cdrom


  • [:HowtoPartition] - Partion your HD for other OS's and swap space.

  • [:DiskSpace] - How to setup disk space for your HD needs.

  • ["EncryptedFilesystemHowto"] - How to transparently encrypt hard discs

  • [:MountingWindowsPartitions:Mounting Windows Partitions] (FAT and NTFS)

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