Just to get the ball rolling:

Anybody have any ideas on how we can compile plugins (storage engines or otherwise) without having to:

a) have the MySQL source tree available b) put the source of the plugin in the source tree

Apache does this pretty well via axps. Of course, this means also making and exporting a set of headers for the plugin interface...

I ask, because I'm looking at the Debian packaging, and one of the things I'd like to do is start off with packages using the current mysql scheme.

  • drizzle-server drizzle-client libdrizzle16 libdrizzle-dev

Then, I'd like to split out the engines into packages, like:

  • drizzle-plugin-innodb drizzle-plugin-archive

etc. (with a standard set of "recommended" and thus auto-installed unless you say otherwise) plugins that are sensible.

Of course, the next step is then:

  • drizzle-plugin-sphinx drizzle-plugin-pbxt drizzle-plugin-aws

right? Whole idea of plugins? But then we get to the problem of needing the source for both drizzle-plugin-pbxt and drizzle-server at the same time, which would be a pain for the debian and ubuntu autobuilders. It means I'd either have a single source package for drizzle that also included the tarballs for pbxt and sphinx, or pbxt and sphinx source packages would each also have a copy OR, I'd have to make a

  • drizzle-source

package, like the kernel-source, and have the plugins build-depend on that. but that seems _really_ ugly.

Incidentally, if we do get this worked out, then we can delete the innobase dir altogether and just use the straight innodb drops from Heikki...

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