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 * We will provide localised Dutch iso images for 14.04 on our website. These already have all the language packs installed by default, and Dutch radiostations have been added to rhythmbox. The package with all modifications is hosted on [[|launchpad]] and has been accepted into the trusty repository.

The Ubuntu NL LoCo Team has existed since 2004. The main focus of its community is offering support for Ubuntu in Dutch. This directly happens through our forum, irc channel, mailing list and, since May 2013, our Q&A site. Indirectly, Dutch documentation is available on our wiki, there's a translation team active to keep Ubuntu available in Dutch. Since 2012, localized Ubuntu DVD's have been built and made available through our website.

Another focus is promotion: this is done by providing a Dutch website presenting Ubuntu, and a promotion subteam that organizes release parties and the like.

Key Details


  • Keep providing the forum, wiki, website, Q&A, Twitter and IRC channel, and keeping them (as far as applicable) up-to-date. Most of those services just had an graphical make over in the past 2 years, but there's always maintainance.

  • Elections for one of the members of the 'gemeenschapsraad', who couldn't finish his term. This is currently in progress.
  • A new online map of members where you can get support (update: new online map is ready to use

  • We're planning to decrease the amount of mailing lists we currently have a bit. These are mostly lists of subteams that are only used every once in a while. This way, we also hope to get more interest across the whole community for certain things. It's a long term plan.


List here activities that the group has already done. Again provide links to online discussions, reviews, blog entries etc:


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