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Our last Approval Meeting Application form is linked, this application page aims to show how we have grown and what we have done since.

The Ubuntu-NL LoCo is a group of active and diverse individuals who strive to support Ubuntu users in Dutch speaking countries, and to promote Ubuntu in the Netherlands.

Key details

Ubuntu NL

LoCo Contact

Sense Hofstede





IRC channel


Mailing list(support only)


LoCo Directory


Launchpad team


Launchpad team created



Planet Ubuntu NL


Our plans for the future are:

Website development

Upgrade the website and add functionality. We have obtained new hosting sponsorship, and in the transition software has been upgraded making new functionality possible. The artwork team is working on a new theme for our site, the forum team is planning to implement new forum functionality to better moderate the forum. We share roles out in the teams and this is one way for members to contribute back to the Ubuntu-NL community. A community server to experiment with new webservices is being worked on.

Community Research

We want to setup/use a infrastructure that makes it easy to pro actively ask community members what would like to see improved in the community, and in a second analysis ask how they evaluate the importance of these different aspects. Such an analysis should then be done on a regular basis (yearly).

Work on long term focus points

The new Community Board has been quite occupied with issues that needed attention, so until now it functions more reactively than it should. When there is less direct action we need to analyze our LoCo and formulate goals that build upon our strengths and limit the impact of our weaknesses.


Since our last loco approval we have continued to do the following:

Translating Ubuntu
  • All Dutch translations for Ubuntu are done via the Dutch Translation Team. There is no separate team for Ubuntu BE, just like GNOME NL serves both the Netherlands and Flanders. There is a Lauchpad page and a subsection on the Dutch wiki that the translation team uses to coordinate its activities.

Writing localized documentation
  • Since 2007, the Ubuntu NL wiki, which is, amongst other things, also the home of the Dutch documentation, can be found at wiki.ubuntu-nl.org.

Providing a support forum
  • The Ubuntu NL Forum can be found at forum.ubuntu-nl.org. The forum is for all Dutch-speaking Ubuntu users, including the Flemish. The forum has over 13000 active members, which results in approximately 30 new topics and 400 reactions per day, with an average of 140 forum members online daily.

Providing support via irc
  • The IRC Team are the channel ops who try to keep the #ubuntu-nl* IRC channels helpful and friendly.

Create Artwork
  • The Artwork team is currently working on a new theme for the SMF 2.0 forum software. A live demo of this theme can be found here. Please keep in mind that the theme is still under development, so some pages won't look like they should.

  • The team is also developing a new support map. People can click the nearest support point and send him/her a message for help. This is a screen shot of the new map that's still under development.

Release Parties




  • We have a strong history in organizing and attending events.

Collaboration with other communities and commercial partners

  • Whenever possible Ubuntu-NL seeks exposure in the media or otherwise. Though this is not (yet) an organized effort we continue looking for it. For example:
  • Full page advertisement in Linux Magazine (Dutch edition)

    • linuxmag-add.jpg

  • Explicit promotion and presentation of the (Dutch) Ubuntu community in the series of books about Linux and Ubuntu by Jan Stedehouder.

  • Article in "Trouw", newspaper with over 2,5 miljoen readers: http://www.trouw.nl/incoming/article1491539.ece

  • Chapter about the Ubuntu-NL community in "Open Source Jaarboek 2009", book aimed at politicians, officials and managers.

  • Posters in buses. To promote the Lucid Release Party advertisement space was bought in 29 buses. Each poster was sponsored by a community member. On the poster it stated: "This poster was sponsored by: Name, a satisfied Ubuntu user.".

    • busposter.png (photo made in GIMP, no real photo available)

Ubuntu-NL foundation
  • We continue to work on a legal foundation for Ubuntu-NL responding to a call from active community members in organizing events. There is a need for a foundation to make fund raising possible (bank account), to provide insurance for volunteers organizing events, to be taken seriously by commercial partners.

Team Reports
  • We have started producing team reports. That went well for a while. Now the new community board took up the task of organizing these reports in such a way that they are not forgotten.

    ( Full list of Team Reports )

IRC Meetings

Documenting procedures, best practices, experience etc.


Since our last loco approval that we failed (21-12-2010) to pass, we have done these new things:

Ubuntu-NL Mwanzo

Ubuntu NL Mwanzo's most important goal is to help willing community members become more active community contributors by:

  • organizing workshops: on completion, the community member will have gained skills or talents that can be used in or referenced by the local and international Ubuntu community.
  • personal guidance: an established member of Mwanzo engages in personal conversations with a community member, exploring his of her capabilities, talents and interests. The Mwanzo member can point or recommend the community member to one of the subteams, where the capabilities, talents and interests of the member can be put to work usefully.

Ubuntu NL Mwanzo members are acquainted with of the Dutch Ubuntu Community and can answer questions about its structure.

Mwanzo is not only a significant part of the Dutch Ubuntu Community, but a great way to improve community input and interaction.

Online Workshops

Mwanzo organised several workshops on IRC. The announcements, logs and summary can be found here.


Opening up communication channels
  • Ubuntu-NL is opening up communication channels:

General team channels:

Private irc channel irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-nl-team

Community governance:

Private irc channel: irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-nl-leiding

Community board:

Public mailing list
Public irc channel

Forum team:

Public forum
Private forum for internal discussions

Documentation team:

Public forum

Translation team:

Public mailing list
Public forum

Mwanzo team:

Public irc channel
Public forum

Promotion team:

Public forum

Artwork team:

Public forum

Server team:


Ubuntu Nederland governance

Under inspiring leadership of Sense Hofstede Ubuntu-NL has recently set up well documented new governance structures and processes. As a result a new Community Governance body, a Community Board and Chair were chosen. The new governance bodies are operating with confidence, and previously existing problems with governance seem to be resolved.

Ubuntu Global Jam


Elections Infrastructure Development

A special website for the elections was developed where candidates can register, present themselves, and where Ubuntu-NL members can vote, and where the results of elections are presented:


New Hosting for services

The second oldest hosting provider in the Netherlands, community driven, the HCC is now hosting the Ubuntu-NL services. A new sysadmin team was formed to take on the task of moving the services to the new hosting. This newly formed team has done a great job under time pressure and our hosting is now secured for the future.

Dutch translation of Ubuntu Manual

The Dutch Translation Team worked hard on the Dutch translation of the Ubuntu Manual. It's ready for download now. Hurray!

Ubuntu Members

The following Ubuntu Members are active in the Dutch LoCo teams: