Ubuntu on Ec2 should provide the same experience on Amazon EC2 as if the user is running Ubuntu Server. The work in karmic will be built upon what we have done in jaunty.

Release Note

In jaunty we have released a hardy and intrepid images. For karmic we want to release a jaunty and karmic images.


Ubuntu should provide a working out of the box implementaion of Ubuntu Server on EC2. We should provide an image on Ubuntu to lower the barrier of using Ubuntu on EC2.

User stories

  • Rutager wants to use ec2 as an openvpn tunnel with his home network.
  • Joey wants to test his package upgrade from jaunty to karmic.
  • Richard wants to test out Ubuntu server before installing it locally.


New Image Notification

  • We need a way to keep the users informed that a newer image and kernel is available to be used. One way to do this is to include a script in ec2-init That queries a web intreface which has the latest information available and compares to what the user is currently running. Also this can be done using landscape as well.

Faster Boot time

  • The EC2 images will take advantage of the faster boot time work done in Karmic. Since we do not have concrete evidence on how fast the image boots we could take advantage of bootchart and acutally document the speed of the image booting.


  • In Jaunty, the EC2 AMI and API tools were not kept to update regularily. We will monitor the ec2-downloads s3 bucket to find out when the new version is available. We will also need to make the ubuntu versions readily available. This can be done either through an running FFE exception or through a PPA. There are alternative free ec2 AMI/API tools now available from Eucalyptus. We should package them as well to provide another option to our user.

Improve Documentation

  • The documentation is sparse. We only provide how to set up EC2 and get to the images. We need to provide information on why we dont allow users to login with the root user, etc. This can be done working with Adam Sommer.

Images running on both UEC and EC2

  • In order for the image to run on both UEC and EC2 the kernel needs to run on both EC2(Xen) and UEC(KVM).

BoF agenda and discussion

  • - new image notification
    • - use update-motd notification - landscape (quicker notification possibly) (possibly offer automated image rebundling with new kernel)
    - faster boot time and faster image initialization for ec2? (Removing non essential packages such as bluetooth and trimming the inits). - keep ami-tools and api-tools up to date for all supported images so users have acess to new ec2 functionality. - bundle alternative ami and api tools - Improve quality and quantity of documentation. - Define the release process.
    • - Which milestones should we release images for? (EH releases all alphas, but has not seen them used) - announce new AMI's with more professional release announcements. AMI's should be listed on a webpage like on, not in the release email
    - Define image test process
    • - ensure images run on UEC and EC2
    - Desktop images
    • - In link with LTSP ? - Using another protocol than X or VNC : NoX or Ulteo


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