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Clear message

I have spent many years dedicated to the Mac platform. Recently I became familiar with Windows, and was not impressed. Somewhere along the line I tripped over Ubuntu and saw the light. I remember dabbling in Linux back in the late nineties, and it scared both me and my Mac. Now it is a totally different ballgame. I have always a supporter of open source, and the freedom to share and participate. I am also now totally jacked off with being forced to upgrade hardware on a regular basis to keep up with the "improvements" in the OS's. So now my Mac and IBM, both from 1999, are happily whiring away on Ubuntu 6.06 and in tune with the digital environment.[br][br] My only problem now is laying my hands on a few more computers, so that I can try out UbuntuStudio, or Edubuntu, or maybe Xubuntu. PuppyLinux looks interesting, and then there's ...........