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[:EdgyEft/Knot2/:Knot2] - currently writing  * [:EdgyEft/Knot2/:Knot2] - currently writing
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[:EdgyEft/Knot2/Kubuntu:Kubuntu Knot 2] - currently writing
 * [:EdgyEft/Knot1/Kubuntu:Kubuntu Knot 1] - Completed/Released
 * [:EdgyEft/Knot2/Kubuntu:Kubuntu Knot 2] - currently writing

EdgyEft is going to be the next Ubuntu release, currently scheduled for release around October 2006. BR

The "edgy" repository will open in early to mid June, shortly after the release of Dapper. BR The name EdgyEft was announced [https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2006-April/000064.html in the mailing lists] by MarkShuttleworth.

Edgy goals will be taken from those in Launchpad's Blueprint tool at https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+specs and will eventually move to https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/edgy/+specs

In order to easily collaborate with one another to make Edgy Eft a great release, please list the subpages that are in use here.




The main page and repository of the Ubuntu artwork team for Edgy.


What's on the agenda for Ubuntu artwork? Participants can find information here.

[:EdgyEft/Feature Suggestions]

Feature suggestions for Edgy

Knot Release Notes

The MarketingTeam tries to create a graphical release notes page for each Knot release that comes out. We encourage you to help us write these.

  • [:EdgyEft/Knot2/:Knot2] - currently writing

Current Contact: CoreyBurger


  • [:EdgyEft/Knot1/Kubuntu:Kubuntu Knot 1] - Completed/Released

  • [:EdgyEft/Knot2/Kubuntu:Kubuntu Knot 2] - currently writing

Current Contact: RichJohnson

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