About me


I'm a brazilian Linux user living in Foz do Iguassu, the land of the awsome Cataratas Falls and the great Itaipu Dam.

I'm a Linux user since 1999 when i first used an Red Hat distribution. But that didn't last too long and a i started to use Debian GNU/Linux after trying out a bunty of otheres distributions. Now i'm using Ubuntu Linux for almost two years and it's a gorgeous distribution.

I and some friends are running a business here in Brazil, the '''Prognus Software Livre''', and we all use and recomend this lovely operation system to our customers.

Areas of interest


  • Linux Desktop
  • Linux Servers
  • Linux Enterprise

What i plan to do for Ubuntu


I don´t have a plan for Ubuntu yet but I´m working to achieve a future where both Ubuntu and Prognus Software Livre' work together to promote Linux and Software Libre.

How you can reach me


Email: edney _AT_ prognus.com.br

IRC: edneymatias on freenode

Homepage: http://edney.prognus.org

GPG key id: 1024D/37A10A69


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