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## page was renamed from Edubuntu/WikiSite/Meeting/Logs/2007-01-24

(X) This is a log or summary of an Edubuntu Meeting. Please go to the Meeting Page for more information about our meetings.

Meeting January 24, 2007


  • TCM (was LTCM) is going well: http://www.progbox.co.uk/wordpress/

  • New LTSP sound architecture works with volume control
  • Moodle: almost done, needs testers
    • Will go into Edubuntu "server" CD

Technical Documentation

  • TCM docs will go on help.ubuntu.com and in the Ubuntu Book
  • Moodle docs status pending


  • Contributions for Feisty: more info still pending on how closed this is

Community & Documentation & Web

  • ubuntu.com will move to a drupal site soon
  • pips1 testing Drupal 5.0 and modules
  • liaise with Matt Nuzum about ubuntu web/wiki plans

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