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BOF notes:

- pam changes

- nssldap changes

- how do we mount home ?

ajmitch's authtool already cares for the first two points all we have left for this spec is to find a proper way to mount /home on login

we will need kerberos integration, to integrate this a nameserver will be needed -> to be added to the -auth-server spec

a metapackage will be created that depends on the authtool package and pulls in the necessary kerberos bits

to change the password a tool is needed, this can either be a samba tool or a pam based one

for mounting home we will need to do a nfs export of /home from the server to mount that on login, for windows clients this needs also be done in parallel via samba

pam-mount needs to be extended to read the users home directory location from the ldap server where we store the information where to find the use rs home

- instead of mounting home we also could use bzr or rsync-diff and use the local home, but sync constantly to the server

- pam-session-open ?