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Clear message

Edubuntu will provide a "Reset your desktop" session that users can select to start over with Gnome & KDE. This session already exists in K12LTSP and will require only minor changes for integration into Edubuntu. Eric's script from K12LTSP whacks everything under these locations: .screenrc .kde .kde2 .gnome_private .gconfd .gconf .nautilus .gtkrc .gnome

Edubuntu will protect .gconf/apps/evoluton.

Edubuntu will provide lots of warning in the session selector that the user is deleting all desktop configuration. A zenity warning will also be included.

Some applications are leaving around processes and /tmp/ files after sessions are terminated (by logout or network failure, etc.). Edubuntu will ship but not enable the scripts from K12LTSP that clean up session processes and /tmp/ files at login/logout. Edubuntu will document how to enable these cleanups should the administrator wish to do so. In addition, the Edubuntu team will study and document which processes are hanging around and leaving cruft under /tmp/ in order that these application bugs can be logged and fixed.